When the world isn’t this one…

I have always been a dreamer. I was teased a lot as a child for not paying attention to the common things kids saw. I could look into a forest and see the fairies and the elves. I ran around the playground in my own world since people didn’t want to join me there. As other kids played out their own versions of Power Rangers, I was battling dragons on a far away island. The girls would play princesses or house, but I didn’t like reality to do those things. As they were all being moms to their dollies or other friends, you could find me exploring the world of being a warrior in the galaxy. Even my own sisters sometimes joined in on the fun when they were alone with me in the house, but never out in public.

I wanted to grow up to be a story teller, a bard, like in ancient times. I sat for hours even at five years old writing down my own stories and giving elaborate tales. I created space ships out of sticks and cigarette boxes I found around the house. Marbles became boulders that blocked the entrance to caves where trolls lived. My dolls weren’t my babies or children, but rather prisoners to an evil baron who needed rescuing.

Today I once again felt like my younger self. Left alone for most of the day to check for products that have expired and to set a whole new aisle after that, meant I could daydream. I still helped guests when they needed me, but those added to my daydream. Just side quests, if you will, to the end of my adventure during my eight hour shift. I am a mom now. I am an adult now. I did adventure around the world when I was a young adult in the military, but still I daydream.

During my daydream I came up with a good one shot for this month’s Gundam Wing fanfiction challenge and I wrote out the entire next chapter to The Storm. The kids are playing their own adventures and I am writing down each and every thought I had today on my stories. Later tonight I will finish my Medical Terminology work for the week so that I am free to daydream again tomorrow.

I don’t like reality, so I chose to rarely live in it. Everyday in my life turns into another adventure. I love finding out what will lay ahead for this protagonist.

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