The Storm Chapter One

The Storm

France Gamble

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin BBC. I don’t own Frozen, either.

Chapter One

The giggles filled the halls as two boys ran from each other. They passed by statues made of wood, tapestries of ancient maps, and passed guards who side stepped them easily. Maids and servants smiled at the two very different looking children as they continued on their path through the castle to the gardens below. Running through the open doors and into the refreshing sunlight from the tomb like area of the entrance was like being born into a new world for the kids. The younger one, with dark black hair, tripped and gasped as the ground came quickly at him. He pushed himself back up into a kneeling position to see the blond, older boy holding out his hand to him. Both of them smiled as the younger child was brought up to his feet again.

As they continued their journey through into the center of the large garden the giggles ceased and they panted from their play. The air was crisp with a hint of winter on the way. The older boy rubbed his arms a bit, and the younger one took off again farther away from the castle. “Wait for me!” the blond yelled as he followed his friend.

Laughing again they collapsed onto a patch of still green grass. As the giggles stopped they rested staring at the bright white fluffy clouds lingering through the sky above them.

“I wish it could stay like this forever!” the dark haired boy said as he pointed both hands to the sky above.

“No way. I can’t wait to become a knight. I am going to be the best ever!” the older boy emphasized his point by swinging his right arm like slashing a sword against a cloud.

“I don’t want to hurt things and swords hurt things,” the boy sounded sad. He sighed as his friend lifted up onto an elbow to look directly at the younger one.

“That’s because you’re a girl, Merlin,” the boy laughed.

The young boy pouted up at his friend, “That is really mean, Arthur.” He crossed his arms and looked away.

“Oh c’mon! You’re such a whiner,” Arthur Pendragon fell back against the lush grass. “I’m bored.”

Merlin smiled as a thought came to him. “Okay,” he said. He stood up quickly and held out his arms to his side. His eyes flashed bright gold and all around them the gentle fluttering of wings started to happen. Arthur sat up and smiled brightly as a rainbow of butterflies encircled them both.

“Let’s catch them!” Arthur yelled.

“We can’t hurt them!” Merlin warned. The older boy rolled his eyes but agreed to not hurt the creatures. They spent hours and hours until the sun had set beyond the forest catching and releasing the mass amounts of bugs. Merlin lifted his right hand to the sky and the butterflies flew off and into the distance.

“I wish I could do that,” Arthur said, “but a bit less girly stuff.” They walked back in the direction of the castle. At the main steps inside the court yard, they said they would see each other the next day, and both split to their own chambers and areas.

As Arthur was being dressed for bed by one of his nurse maids, Merlin was being lectured by his Uncle about safety in the castle. “Time and time again, Merlin, I have said you cannot run through the castle!” his uncle shook his head at the young boy.

“It was Arthur’s idea! He started the game!” Merlin protested. “Am I supposed to tell the Prince of Camelot that I cannot follow his orders?” The man rose his left brow at the audacity of his young ward. The boy shrunk a bit to hide behind the table he was seated at and supposed to be eating the broth given to him for his evening meal. “I won’t do it again, Gaius,” he murmured.

“Merlin, you are under my care, and how am I to teach you anything if you’re going to be kicked out of here for being wild?” Gaius sat down across from him and laid a gentle hand against the top of his raven hair. “Uther will deal with Arthur in the morning,” he promised.

“I made butterflies today,” Merlin said as he sipped on his soup.

“Hm, interesting. With the spell I taught you?” the man asked as he cooled his soup.

“Uh, no. I couldn’t remember the words, so I just made them,” Merlin admitted. The man across from him sighed, and they ate their soup in silence.

Down in the courtyard an older lady with gray hair looked up at the shinning narrow windows of the court physician’s chambers. Narrowing darkened blue eyes at something she felt from inside her she hobbled on toward the main entrance to the castle. Going through the dark corridors with her black cloak pulled tight around her, she melted into the shadows. Sliding passed the guards and into the center of the castle was easy. Quickly she made her way up a long stair case and into a darkened chamber.

On the bed covered in silk was a beautiful blond lady. Her hair was cast about the pillows as her breath was even inside her chest. The old lady walked up to the fair woman and leaning over her bed she placed a beautiful charm across the sleeping beauty’s chest. “Codladh domhain. Codladh go maith. Codladh i bás,” she whispered. The stone in the center of the charm glowed a bright red and the lady’s chest took no more air. Her lips turned a purple blue and her body paled quickly.

The lady ran from the room and right into two guards making their rounds. They grabbed onto her arms and before she could mutter another spell, one of them clamped their hands around her mouth. As one red clad guard held the foreigner, the other one went into the chambers. “My lady?” he questioned the dark room. Grabbing a torch by the door he struck a flint stick to bring light into the area. “My queen?” he asked as he approached her bed. Seeing her laying still and dead under the covers he screamed out for more guards. The one holding the prisoner set about taking her to the dungeons for later questioning.


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