Blank Slate Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing.

Chapter Three

His purple eyes stared right back at him as he once again tugged on his sleeves. They just didn’t seem long enough to hide the scars on his arms from whatever happened to him in the past. The shirt was black with an emblazed logo of some band that his foster mother assured him every child his age was listening to in their area. His jeans hung nicely to the floor and were folded slightly at the bottom. A hole was already in the left knee area that had been created just the other week before when he slid onto the side walk trying to escape, once again, from some nightmare he didn’t remember when he woke up. His foster mother had put motion alarms onto his window and bedroom door that were turned on at night so that she could get him from his terrors. He sighed as he fingered the cross around his neck. Nodding to himself in the mirror he shoved his cross into his shirt and turned to leave the bedroom.

In the kitchen he sat down at the breakfast nook while Christine put a bowl of cereal in front of him and the jug of milk. “You’re going to be very warm today if you wear that shirt,” she informed him kindly. He nodded, sighed, and looked at her worriedly. He pulled up the sleeves of his shirt to point out the scars that she already knew existed. “Daniel, I have told you many times, no one is going to notice those unless you point them out.”

“I don’t want to go,” he mumbled while looking down at his cereal loops.

“School will be fun. You will make friends. You will be fine.” She sighed and walked around to him. Carefully she slipped her arms around him and gave him a hug. “You can do this Daniel. You are stronger than you think.”

He turned and looked at her. He shut his eyes, breathed in deep, and nodded. Determination filled his eyes as he opened them up and looked at the woman. She smiled brightly and walked towards the front door. With the keys to her car in hand she turned to him, “Alright, let’s go.” He smiled back and jumped up from the stool to follow her out the door, grabbing his backpack from the floor of the front closet.


He sat in his first class willing his fear down and bringing up his courage. He knew he had to have courage, because how else could he have survived through all of the scars on his body. The woman at the front of the class was talking about what things they would be reading the first quarter of the school year.

His fear subsided as the she turned around to write on a white board the list of titles that they were to start reading on their own for study. His leg started to swing slightly under the desk and he tapped out on top of the wood with an index finger. His brain was racing now. As each title came out, his brain supplied him with information. He knew the characters, the plots, and could even quote the books that were written on the board. Confusion filled in where fear had been and he felt a bit of panic coming through.

‘How in the…’ his brain was unable to finish the thought as a folded piece of paper fell onto his desk from his right. In a split second he willed his body to not run from the shock of it. It had taken by complete surprise and every fiber in him wanted to run through the class room door. He stared at the paper and willed his body to move slowly. His heart pounded in his chest. The paper was like a bomb to him, with how he looked at it. The top of the folded paper read, “Open me”. He finally was able to reach out after what seemed like an eternity to him, but really was just half a minute. He opened the note and read its contents inside.

You okay?

He looked over at the brown headed boy next to him and nodded slightly. The boy looked away for a second to check that the teacher was still facing the board, and then he turned back toward Daniel and waved for the note to be passed back to him. Daniel handed him the paper. The other student turned and quickly started to write on the paper again. Then he checked on the teacher while handing the note back to Daniel.

You looked like the end of the world was coming and you were confused by it all. My name is Sam.

Daniel picked up his pencil and wrote underneath the cursive of the other boy, My name is Daniel. I am fine now. I already read these books.

The note started its careful path back and forth from both of the boys.


The weeks passed by easily for the braided boy. His classmates never questioned his clothing choice and he had found a best friend in Sam. School was also very easy for him, and he never questioned it. He really didn’t find the need to as his days blended peacefully into each other.

The two boys were walking down the street toward their neighborhood. Their backpacks were lazily hanging off of shoulders as Sam was energetically talking, “Yeah, so my mom said that you can come over and watch the movie tonight!”

Daniel nodded and said, “It’s based off the book, right?”

Sam looked at him like he was turning purple, “You read that already?”

Daniel stopped walking, “I read it while everyone was doing their placement tests. I had nothing better to do.” Sam stopped walking, too, and then laughed. Daniel tilted his head slightly confused. “What’s so funny?”

“You, man, are very sensitive about the fact that you like to read,” Sam gasped out.

Daniel rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Okay, fine, I just don’t want to be called a geek by anyone.” Sam shook his head and continued to giggle as they continued on their way to Daniel’s house. They didn’t take long to reach the front door. The long haired boy opened the door and called out to the quiet, “Mama Snow?” He didn’t receive an answer. Christine was always home when he showed up. She would greet him every day at the door and ask how his day had been at school. He leaned back and looked at the driveway. Her small car was sitting there. She had to be home.

He took off his shoes and motioned for Sam to stay in the door. He slowly and silently walked into the house. He went into the living room and saw nothing amiss. He couldn’t figure out where his foster mother could possibly be. “Mama Snow?” he whispered this time. He crept far into the house, and back into his room, where he saw the kind lady on the floor. “Mama!” he screamed as he rushed forward to her side. She lay fallen onto her stomach toward the window as if she had just entered the room suddenly and lost her balance.

“Sam! Get me the ‘phone!” Daniel screamed to his friend still at the front of the house. He heard his friend quickly slip off his shoes and come running through. He heard the other’s footsteps slid on the flooring in the kitchen and then come pounding through to his bedroom. The other child gasped at what he saw when he came with the telephone into room that Daniel was kneeling in. The long haired boy quickly grabbed the black wireless phone from his friend’s frozen hands. He dialed quickly. “C’mon!” he screamed into the receiver as it continued to ring. “C’mon!”

Finally the ringing tone ended and a female voice answered, “Nine-One-One what is your emergency?”

“I need an ambulance for my mom. She is unconscious at five-sixty-four Emerald avenue,” he choked out a soft sob, reached forward and touched the side of her neck, “Her pulse is weak.” He then continued on checking his mother by touching her upper lip, “Her breathing is shallow and erratic. Please, please, hurry!”

Sam came down beside him and put an arm around his friend’s shoulders as Daniel continued to answer the lady’s questions on the phone, “I don’t know what happened. I came home from school and found her. Please, tell the ambulance the front door is open. We are in the back room. She is in my room. Please, hurry.” He felt himself about to lose himself in worry. The ambulance siren seemed to take forever to finally hear over his pounding heart. He could feel the sobs start when the men swept into the room, Sam pulling him away from his foster mother’s side to keep him from being in the way. He followed the gurney from the room after they had secured her to it.

“I am coming to. I’m her son!” he yelled as he chased after them. He turned to Sam, “I’m sorry.” Sam smiled and waved his hand to cast aside the apology.

“I’ll just go home and tell my mom what happened. We’ll see you at the hospital,” Sam said seriously. He ran out behind them as they all left the house. Daniel quickly shoved his feet into his shoes, Sam grabbed them without even bothering, and quickly shoved his key into the door.

The braided boy was pulled into the back of the ambulance by a helping hand and grabbed onto his rope of hair before the doors were slammed shut on it. He sat in silence and watched the paramedics try to stabilize the woman who cared so much in such short time. ‘Don’t let her die, please! I need her,’ he thought as the sirens started to wail again and the medic bus raced towards salvation and his name-sake.


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