Casey Chapter Four

Casey is an average fifteen year old about to enter into the first year of high school. With an extremely Christian dad, and a deceased mom, Casey has more than academics on mind. Making new friends, creating bonds, but keeping a large secret is all in a day’s work.

Warning: This is rated M for a reason. Some of the chapters may seem tame, but it will get into sexual and adult situations. Please be aware. Do not read if these things may upset you.

Chapter Four

The bus was strangely quiet, even though most of it was filled with teenagers. Even my eyes drooped and I leaned against the hard metal lined window. A bump forced me to reevaluate my position with my care of a headache and I tried to keep my brain from being jostled again. My eyes closed and I felt that drift into dream state. I usually can’t sleep in vehicles, but six-thirty in the morning is very early. Public school starts at seven sharp. The private girl’s school the church ran starts at nine and so I was used to sleeping in a bit. My head rolled forward and I snapped awake again.

A snicker came from the bench across the aisle. I looked over at a boy twice my size around, which isn’t saying much since I weighed only 110 LBS when in a rain storm. He shifted over so that his legs fell into the center and leaned so he could talk over the bus engine, “Too early for you? I’ve never seen you before, and I thought I knew everyone on this route.”

“Name’s Casey,” I introduced myself. I held out my hand and gave him a firm shake. “I just moved here. Went to a private school before this and we didn’t wake up before the birds.” He laughed. I smiled a bit, “Why does school have to start so early?”

“So we can be released at noon,” he informed me. I must have looked confused, but really I was too tired to even feel my face so I don’t know if I even shifted expressions. “Teens get jobs and it’s easier to start a job at one or one-thirty so we can get off work in time to study,” he leaned back a bit as the bus stopped and the doors swished open. Three more kids boarded and passed us to find seats.

We must have been the only ones on the bus making any form of communication. It had to have felt odd to him, so we both waited for the rumble to start again before I asked, “You never said your name?”

“Oh! Sorry,” he chuckled and held out his hand again, “I just assume everyone knows me. My name is Ben. I’m a sophomore this year.”

I didn’t think to add in my class year, “I’m a freshman.” He nodded and said he figured.

We sat quiet again as the bus continued on for two more stops. My eyes lowered again by the last stop, until I felt someone budge me over forcefully. It didn’t hurt, but caught me off guard that I had been touched. I jumped and slammed into the wall. “Oh! Sorry!” Ben said as he held his hands up in surrender. “More people coming on and I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing with me.”

“Just warn me next time, dude,” I gave a nervous laugh and held my hand to my still pounding heart. I felt the wrap underneath holding down my chest, but knew he hadn’t felt it since he had only shoved against my shoulder.

“You’re a jumpy kind, huh?” he asked.

“You should hear the horror stories we tell in the private schools about public education,” I joked. “I was afraid someone was trying to shank me!” We laughed together and he shook his head.

“We might be a public school, but we’re not that dangerous. This is the school with the least amount of crime in the city,” he announced proudly. “Still has its bullies, though.”

“I’m sure everyone will love me,” I smirked. He shook his head with mirth and looked out the window passed me. I saw concern draw into his brown eyes as he mouthed the street names. “Something the matter?”

“We didn’t stop on Washington Ave,” he said. His right hand reached up and pulled through his black hair.

“What’s on Washington?”

“Just a girl I knew last year in my math and English classes,” he said. He was still concerned so I didn’t push. I didn’t have to as he continued, “She was being teased pretty bad the last month. I worried about her all summer, but I guess they transferred her to another school. Probably for the best.” I nodded.

The bus left the side streets and went onto the main busy streets toward the prison called North Central High School. I looked at my watch as we pulled next to the building behind another large yellow bus. Kids were grabbing their things and shoving their way into the double doors. The inside of the school was nothing like my old school. A large main room was where I found myself. The colors of the school were plastered everywhere, an ugly maroon and a yellow faded color they called “gold”. I had to go into a line to go through the metal detectors and my bag went through an X-ray machine. I was so glad they didn’t go through it by hand, because I didn’t know how I was going to explain away the wig I brought and the pink flowered dress I had put into the bottom under my notebooks.

On the other side of the security check was a row of tables. They had paper taped to the front of them saying, “Last Names starting with…” and then separated out through the alphabet. I found my table as I watched Ben go over to the “A” table. The lady behind it looked bored, “Name?” “Casey McPherson,” I told her. She told me to spell my last name and I did, but I was more interested in the huge crowd around me.

Suddenly a sheet of paper was shoved into my face and I grabbed at it. “Your schedule and map. Have a nice year,” she sounded like the receptionist of Monster’s Inc. movie. I gave my thanks and walked out of the throng toward a quiet little place near a wall.

I looked over my schedule and was happy to note that my transcripts I had mailed last week had been received well. The enrollment papers were also noting the correct gender as it stated at the top of my paper “Casey McPherson – Male – 9Th grade – 0 credits received”. I almost felt like cheering and jumping for joy. I was so glad my dad had been too busy to fill out the paperwork and had allowed me to. It stated my previous school on there, but I knew for a fact that the “academy” didn’t state it was separated by gender.

Everything was looking great, and so I read on in the papers. My classes were basic for any teenager, I suppose. Math, English, Geography, Earth Science, Choir and Dance were stated in that order. I didn’t know if I really wanted to do math so early in the morning, but I suppose there wasn’t much choice. The school required math and English all four years. Geography for ninth grade, American History for tenth, World History for eleventh, and World Government in my twelfth year. I had to have an elective and I decided choir would get me the most girls. Every chick loved a guy who could serenade her, right? Dance was my only option this year, since I didn’t want to take physical education with the guys. Dance didn’t require showers after class, but the P.E. class did. I obviously couldn’t shower with the boys. Next year I would be required to take a health class instead, and then juniors and seniors had the option of another elective class or taking it as a free period and leaving the school early. I practically skipped towards my math class as the first bell warned students to start on their way. The shuffle of hundreds of feet mixed with the kids now awake enough to chat with old friends. I maneuvered my way through toward the math side of the large building. I didn’t have any friends yet, but I wasn’t worried.

The math class was empty when I arrived. I stood in the door for a second as the teacher stood in the hall beside me watching the students mingling. “Get to class,” he kept saying to random kids. I slowly made my way in and wondered why I was the first to arrive. Inside the room there were posters with horrible quotes about math from famous people. As if putting insightful words onto the wall in pretty letters was going to make anyone love the subject. I found a seat in the center of the room where I could still see the door as another person finally made her way in. She sat next to me, and it seemed she started the flood.

As everyone found their seats, some friends chatting along together merrily, I heard the tardy bell ring. The teacher came inside and shut the door behind him. As it finalized it clicked again. He turned and we all watched as another student entered.

I felt my heart speed up at the sight of her. I had never seen anyone so gorgeous in my life. Her blond hair came down to her lower back in waves, which she pushed off of her shoulder in annoyance. Her arms were tanned and her legs were gleaming brown in the harsh lights. She was careful to not lower her hands to her side, because we all knew her blue jean cut-off shorts were not in compliance. I looked down to her pert feet shoved into high heeled Greek sandals. Her bright pink shirt left nothing to the imagination as she pulled on one side to try and hid her tan stomach beneath. Her shorts were cut low, too, and I could see her hip lines. When it was pulled down, though, it brought the V of her neckline further down and I wondered if she was even wearing a bra to hold in her C-cups.

Her blue eyes twinkled as the teacher gave her a scolding for her choice in attire. I wondered how he didn’t find himself staring like the rest of us guys were. The boys had all stopped to ogle the beauty queen before us as I heard the girls sigh or grumble something.

The loudest, though, was the girl who had come into the room after me. She mumbled just loud enough for me to hear, “God, she knows better. She did that on purpose. Such a show-off.”

“What?” I whispered back. I brought my eyes from the scene in the front to the homely brown haired, blue eyed girl next to me.

“Jenny Krisply,” she nodded to the goddess still being chewed out. “She has been in my class since kinder and still can’t seem to get that we don’t need to see her assets.”

“If she has them, why not flaunt them?” I asked as I looked back at her.

“Stop drooling. She won’t date you,” the girl laughed. “You’re just like all of the others of the male species.” She then sighed and leaned forward to rest her chin on her arms. Her shirt came up to show off a milk white back, her tight blue jeans rode low, and I saw she was wearing a nice lacy type thong. “What if you don’t have it to flaunt?” she asked quietly and sadly.

“You’re pretty too,” I meant it. She was homely, pale, bright blue curious eyes, and a nice shade of brown hair just darker than my own. She had a few freckles across her nose and down her arms, and her shirt was a tight pale purple which just made her eyes pop. It wasn’t showy in its own U-necked shape.

“My name is Ashley,” she told me. I introduced myself and repeated that I thought she was pretty.

She shook her head as Jenny was done being “humiliated” in front of the class. The blond took the seat in front of Ashley and Ashley forced her back a bit to whisper in her ear. They both flicked their eyes toward me, but I now pretended to be interested as the teacher started his lecture.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Copyright: 2015 France Gamble

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