The angst

I’m not going to lie: my life is constant drama and action. When I get time to relax, I feel the angst.

I think it is almost a requirement for artists and writers to have angst. Most famous authors have a drama and angst filled back ground before they became famous. Most people in general have some level of chaos in their family, as well.

With one of my sister’s wedding this Saturday, my family is gathering in mass into the town I work in and she lives in. They are coming from all corners of the country. Even with everyone coming up here, to the far north of the Continental States, I feel even more depressed than before. The level of uncomfortableness is increasing every hour.

They are coming into my sanctuary, my salvation. My heart is clenching like they are bandits about to plunder my small village. We are being invaded!

Outside the grey skies are crying for me, but I am smiling with greetings rolling sweetly from my tongue. They are my sister’s guests. I will be polite. I will cringe inside as I once again hug someone I had left behind.

This angst is good to write with, since my stories are dramas, but the feeling is smothering my muse. This only makes me want to add to my book that has been lost to time, “Fantasy Life”.

Do not despair, I cry to my dreams. I will not die here today! We are and forever will survive! This angst will not drown me again!

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