Blank Slate Chapter Four

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing.

Chapter Four

He was cold. His whole body seemed to be completely numb. His brain was shut down and he stared at the straight pattern in the linoleum flooring in front of the hard plastic chair he sat in. He couldn’t think, because every time he tried to tear his eyes away from the one spot, his brain came up the images of his foster mother lying on his bedroom floor. Why had she been in his room? What happened to her? The image once again came into his brain.

Suddenly a hand touched his shoulder. He jumped up and grabbed roughly onto the arm of the person who had scared him. His heart was racing as he forced his body to stop in its fight or flight response. This time he wasn’t going to flee, but rather it seemed his body was going to continue on and hurt this other person. Wide brown eyes stared at his at the other person realized he made a mistake in touching Daniel. The braided boy quickly let go of his only friend and turned and punched the wall behind the chair he had just been sitting in. He felt his knuckles crack against the wall as a spider web crack formed into the hard covering over the cinder blocks behind the paint. Sam rubbed his wrist where the bruise was forming from Daniel’s grip. Sam’s mother, a blond like her son, came forward and pulled both of the boys to her chest. “It’ll be okay,” she whispered into their hair as the brunette finally broke down and started to sob.

Daniel cried for a good ten minutes and then gently pushed away from the woman. Sam stayed in his mom’s arms as they watched Daniel compose himself. His long braid swung back and forth as he shook his head from thoughts that even he couldn’t comprehend.

A woman in a long white coat came into the room and saw them. She approached the small group, “Mr. Francis?” Daniel nodded and stepped forward toward the short cropped hair woman. “I have contacted your social worker, honey. You will not be able to return to Mrs. Snow.”

Daniel felt his world coming down around him again, “What happened to her?” He looked hopefully at the doctor, “Please, tell me she is going to be alright?”

The doctor looked undecided for a minute. “I can tell you that she will be okay. I cannot tell you her diagnose, because you are not her family.” He nodded and sat down in the seat again. Sam’s mother sat down next to him and again pulled him close to her flower blouse upper body. He didn’t cry this time, though. He just let the woman hold him.

“Can’t we take him, mom?” Sam asked his mother as they sat there waiting for Alecia. His mother shrugged her shoulders. Sam collapsed down next to Daniel and leaned into his friend. “I hope we can.”

They sat that way for over a half an hour when Alecia walked into the waiting room. She ran her hand down her black skirt that went to her knees, as her heels clicked against the flooring. Her hair was curled and put high into a pony tail on her head. Her button down plain blue shirt had a few wrinkles caused by her seat belt on the ride to the hospital. Daniel raised his purple eyes to her as she approached them.

“Daniel, I’m sorry to hear about Ms. Snow. I have gotten what I could from her house for you with her permission and so it’s all set into the car and ready,” she spoke softly to him as she brought her hand down to him to bring him to standing. He stared at it as if he didn’t know what it was.

Sam’s mom spoke up then, “Can’t we take him home with us?” Alecia looked at the other woman. Blue eyes looked deep into blue as Alecia’s went sad and she shook her head.

“I’m sorry, but unless you have qualifications through the state, he cannot.”

Daniel looked down at the flooring again, sighed, and stood up. His eyes hardened, once again, with determination. “I’m ready.” He didn’t grab onto the outstretched hand as he walked toward the doors. Sam ran after him and together they went through the doors as the adults followed behind him.

They reached the car parking area and both boys turned toward each other. “Call me, K? You still have to see that movie,” Sam choked a bit on the last word.

Daniel stepped closer and put hands on both of Sam’s shoulders, “Hey man, don’t worry, k? I have your number memorized. I’d have to have amnesia to not call, K?” They both laughed and hugged each other. “I’m sure I’ll be watching that movie with you next weekend if my new foster parents aren’t crappy, k?” They let go of each other. They gave each other weary smiles as they followed their respective female adults to the vehicles onto their new adventures. Both of them knew that no matter what they would always are good friends.


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