The Storm Chapter Six

Disclaimer: I don’t own Merlin BBC nor do I own Disney’s Frozen.

Chapter Six

Arthur stretched as his best clothes were settled over his arms and shoulders by a servant. “I do not think, my lord, that we should expect Merlin to be at this ceremony. He is just a peasant and…” his uncle never got the chance to finish as Arthur turned to give him half of a smile.

“Uncle, I know you are concerned for how the people will take to me, but Merlin isn’t just a peasant. He is my best friend. I hope to give him a good job in the castle if he would let me. I just need to get him to see that he can be released from his rooms now that I am king,” Arthur said as he pulled his belt and sword around his waist. His uncle bowed his dark haired head to his new sire and left the room in a flourish of expensive clothing and cloak. As Arthur looked himself over in the mirror on the other side of his dressing screen he once again wondered why his father had locked away the other boy and why had Gaius not protested more against it. Why hadn’t either man wanted him to have a friend growing up in the cruel atmosphere of the cold castle?

Just a hallway down from the future king was Merlin standing in front of his own mirror. Another servant had helped even out his hair and he had been given new sets of clothing. They were nothing like the prince’s, but they were new. He hadn’t had any new clothes since Gaius had left and it brought up another pang of loneliness in his heart. His eyes flashed gold and a crack appeared in the corner of the glass mirror. He breathed in, shut his eyes and calmed his emotions. He pushed the magic as far down into his body as he could. He was glad that he was alone in the room now waiting for another servant to get him to watch Arthur become king.

He was excited for Arthur, but he knew that nothing would change, either. Magic would still be outlawed, because Arthur didn’t remember living with magic around him. Merlin remembered, though. He remembered making butterflies, and lighting the hearth before they would tell stories at night. His memories never left him and they made him sad now instead of happy.

“What do I do, Gaius?” he asked the mirror. He knew that no matter what he did his magic wouldn’t be able to bring his mentor and guardian back from the dead. He had to just now live in the moment and hope that Gaius wouldn’t be scolding him when he joined him in death. His magic rolled underneath his shields and he figured that he would probably be executed by the morning.

As the servant showed up to bring him to the large throne room where Arthur would receive his crown, Merlin pushed his magic further down and locked his emotions better. He had gotten better at controlling it through the years, but his best time had only been from sunrise to sunset with his magic confined. He became very ill with it not rolling through his body and as he threw up what he had eaten that evening for supper his magic had been released at such a torrent he was sure the guards thought he had blown up the tower. He couldn’t risk that happening again. He would need to get away from everyone for a while and use his magic quietly. His body shuddered as they walked through the large doors with the rest of the peasants and staff.

Arthur stood next to a proud man with cold eyes. He was speaking quietly to the man who was nodding and smiling slightly at what was being said. In the front row was the knights Merlin would watch training with Arthur and on the other side was a beautiful black haired woman in an ornate dress. Merlin’s brain filled in the gaps from his previous conversations with Arthur through his door (if you call just listening to the prince whine about his life as a conversation) and what Gaius would tell him during his imprisonment. The man next to the prince was his Uncle Agravaine and the woman had to be Morgana. It didn’t take long before the ceremony to make Arthur king started and Merlin’s mind drifted as he looked around the room.

The last time he had seen this room was when he was holding onto Gaius’ robes to keep from being a fidgeting toddler. It hadn’t changed in all of those years and Merlin felt like maybe everything would be fine in his life finally.

The crown was placed onto the blond head and as Arthur stood up for the first time as King everyone in the crowd shouted out at once, “Long live the king!” Merlin’s voice rose with everyone else’s and he smiled brightly with the feel of everyone around him. He felt joy fill him for the first time in years and he forgot for a moment that he wasn’t like everyone around him.

He was swept off to the side by the servant who brought him as the peasants were cleared from the room and everyone from the castle started to enjoy the party that came after the coronation. Merlin still felt the thrill around him as he pushed himself back against the wall and watched everyone. The nobles, lords and ladies, and the staff all did a beautiful dance of duties as he watched.

Arthur was laughing at something Morgana had said, but it didn’t seem she was enjoying the joke as much. She huffed something else quietly to the new king who stopped laughing and said something else with a smirk on his face. He turned away from the woman and found Merlin trying to hide against the tapestries. Setting himself into making the introvert actually mingle was now a new mission for the monarch. He came to stand in front of the lake blue eyes as they finished their path of watching everyone around him. “Merlin, it’s a party. Come out of hiding and do something. Learn something. I don’t care what it is. If you feel the need to dance, then go and dance, but get away from the wall,” he said as he went to pull on Merlin’s arm.

“Arthur, I can’t,” Merlin said as he pushed down the magic now swirling inside of him. Fear gripped him and he knew he needed to leave the room quickly.

The dark haired court lady came up behind the monarch, “Oh Arthur, leave the boy alone. He has been locked away all of this time. He wouldn’t know how to deal with these crowds.”

“I didn’t ask you, Morgana,” Arthur said sternly as he pulled again on Merlin’s arm. Morgana rolled her eyes, smiled kindly to Merlin’s fearful face, and walked away from them. Merlin watched her walk through the large doors and out of the party all together.

“Arthur, really, I’m fine right here. Please let me go,” Merlin said as he tried to tug his sleeve back. “I think you should apologize to Morgana.” He needed to run now. He needed to release the energy and soon or it would be a catastrophe. Arthur laughed, but the smaller boy was finally able to get free from the king. “I have to go,” he said as he quickly turned to follow Morgana out the doors. The blond friend called out and went to catch him. He couldn’t hold it any longer as he felt the power rise inside from the fear clutching his heart. He stumbled, fell to the floor and his eyes flashed. The stained glass windows shattered and a wind ripped through the party emenating from Merlin himself. He caught his breath, reigned in his magic and only saw the shock on the king’s face as he ran through the doors.

Outside the now broken windows the sky above pulled dark massive clouds. As the sky began to cry, Merlin ran from the castle. A bolt of lightning flashed above them all and Arthur stood still waiting for his reality to wake him from his sudden nightmare. Merlin was a sorcerer?

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