Blank Slate Chapter Six

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing.

Warning: I have some strong language in this chapter.

Chapter Six

He should have known that the new family wasn’t the only problem he was going to have to face in this area. He sat in class and could hear the guys snickering behind his back. The teacher had set his new course schedule down in front of him and had looked him over carefully. Why did his social worker send him to such a bigoted section of the large city? As soon as he saw Alecia again he would question her on this and possibly beg for another solution. He would really rather not be here.

His day progressed slowly and painfully. He had been shouldered, shoved, and even spat on at one point by another student.

By the last bell he all but ran to his foster home to avoid the mass student body.


He fingered his necklace as he was sitting on the floor to the living room working on his science paper for his third hour. It wasn’t difficult, but he was struggling with how to apply the words he had knowledge of onto the sheet of paper in the limited amount that was required for the class. The subject amused him mostly.

He heard an aggravated sigh from the other side of the room where his foster sisters sat separated from him and his foster brothers. He looked up and saw the dark skinned and dark haired Dana chewing contemplate on the end of her pencil. She sighed again. He stood up and walked to the other side of the small room, “Are you struggling with your history?” His kind words brought everyone from their school work. Again he felt that maybe he had done something taboo.

He heard Waylon begin to laugh behind him and he turned to see horror on his foster brother’s faces and a cruel amused look on the biological child’s face. “You should be a girl Daniel. Maybe we should call you Danielle instead?” Daniel felt a temper he didn’t know he had well up inside of him.

“Helping other people isn’t just a female thing to do. It’s the mark of a true human,” Daniel defended. He clenched his fist beside his hips to stop from stomping over to the older boy.

“Compassion is what women have. Men are stronger than that and certainly not pussies like you are,” Waylon stood up from his spot in front of his own English work.

That was how Clarrissa found them as she walked into the room. She looked between the boys and turned to Daniel who was still near the girls. “Daniel, go to your room until supper,” she said quietly.

Daniel’s mouth opened like a cod. “What?!” he screeched. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

She didn’t talk again, but stood there with her arm pointing toward the hallway. He quickly and angrily grabbed his school work and stomped out of the room.

“And he PMS’s like a chick, too!” Waylon shrieked with a fit of laughter. Daniel could hear the other boys laughing, but it sounded very forced.

He wanted out of this Hell.


Another day and another horrible school adventure for him. He figured he must be Christian, but he was not like this family he was staying with. Their version of the Bible was a horrible misinterpretation at best. How could he read the same passages of the same book and not hear the same message? He stumbled on a crack in the side walk as he once again brought his thumb across the Christian symbol hanging from his neck.

“Fag!” he heard from a voice behind him. He pivoted nicely and stared at the group of ten or a dozen boys his age running toward him.

Fight or flight took over his body as his adrenalin once again shoved through his system. He took flight this time. He was not going to fight off a dozen twelve and thirteen year old boys, some of whom were larger than him. His lungs started to burn as he forced his legs to continue in a pattern toward his salvation and home of Hell. He didn’t make it as the first kid literally tackled him to the sidewalk.

The random punching and kicking ensued and he endured as best as he could. He brought his arms up to protect his head and forced his body into a fetal position to protect his innards from the bombardment. Then the most horrible thing happened right before darkness claimed him. He heard a boy yell out something, felt his braid grabbed and his head pulled back, and heard the horrible sound of a “skink” as his head became very light suddenly.


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