The Storm Chapter Eight

Disclaimer: I do not own BBC Merlin. I don’t own Disney’s Frozen, either.

Chapter Eight

Arthur stood there frozen in the spot looking at the doors that his best childhood friend had just escaped through. Merlin had magic. It kept swimming around inside his brain and yet for some reason he couldn’t get himself to believe. He had seen it, though. His very own blue eyes had seen his friend do magic. His friend’s eyes had turned the gold color of a sorcerer. The boy who had been locked up into the physician’s chambers for years, right under his father’s nose, did magic; powerful magic, too.

The wind from the storm outside ripped into the large ball room from the now broken large windows above. His cloak whipped around as his guests screamed around him. He heard his uncle yell for the guards and knights to follow the magic user and capture him.

A bright flash of lightning snapped him out from his stupor and his uncle’s hand came down on his shoulders, “Arthur?” He looked over at his uncle’s concerned face. “Did you know?” he asked. The blond shook his head.

“All of this time he was trapped in those rooms, but why would he learn magic?” Arthur asked himself. His uncle shrugged beside him. “Uncle, have someone check on Morgana. I… I will be in my chambers. Have them bring him alive to me as soon as they catch him,” he ordered. He stormed out of the party and went straight through the castle to his own bed.

He sat at his desk when the first reports started to come in just an hour later. Merlin had used magic against the gate guards, but they were able to still follow his tracks into the forest around. The storm outside gathered into strength. The thunder shook the panes in his windows and the water came down hard. The heavens were crying in anger just like Arthur’s heart inside his chest.

Why would Merlin learn magic? Why did Gaius allow him to learn magic? He had been taught that sorcerers needed words, incantations, to perform their spells, but Merlin hadn’t spoken anything when his eyes had flashed. He had learned magic to the point of being able to cast a spell without even saying a word. It made him dangerous.

He stewed in his thoughts for the hours before dark. The forest had caught fire a while ago, though the rain was doing a good job of not letting it spread far from its ignition point. He stood up from his reports and looked out of the window as the darkened sky shone with the white from the electricity running across it and the glow from the fire burning still a safe distance away. His citizens were pulling animals out of flooded streets, and trying to get their roofs repaired as they cracked and leaked from the harsh down pour. Camelot had never seen a storm like this in her history.

A soft knock on the door behind him caused him to jump. He sighed and called for the person to enter. Behind him he heard the latch. Turning he faced his other childhood friend. “Morgana,” he greeted her with a small smile.

“Are you alright, Arthur?” she asked concerned. She walked to him and sat down casually onto one of his chairs at his table. “I know Merlin was your friend,” she said quietly, “I am trying to understand what happened. Did Uther know?”

Arthur shook his head and shrugged one of his shoulders. “I don’t know,” he said. He leaned against the table and looked down at the woman. “I am also very confused,” he admitted. “Why would Merlin learn sorcery?”

Morgana sighed and shook her head. The sound of the storm drowned out anything around them and the flash was so bright it caused them both to flinch. “Did he cause this storm?” she asked him. She rubbed her eyes to try and clear them from the dots that had been brought by the sudden light.

“I think so.”

They didn’t talk for a long while as they just sat there in their own thoughts. Arthur finally stood up as Morgana turned to stand and leave. They said good-night to each other and Morgana left Arthur to try and sleep in the chaos happening outside.

Arthur wished with every fiber that he could run to Gaius and ask him what was happening. He wished he could go and talk to Merlin through the door again. He wished once again that Merlin hadn’t been confined for so long.

As another blast of thunder hit the citadel a thought struck him. Had Merlin learned magic so that he could have used it against the king, Uther or Arthur, and free himself from his confines? Arthur had tried to make it clear that he was free as soon as Uther and Gaius had passed away, but could Merlin still had felt trapped? Did he continue to learn even after their deaths?

He turned away from his bed and ran for the old physician’s chambers. He needed to search it. He needed to know if Merlin had still been studying even after Uther and Gaius had died. He needed to know if they had a very powerful enemy. Could Merlin really have turned against him? Would Merlin have turned against him even if he had tried through the many years to continue to be his friend?

As he scrambled up the steps to the old tower he kept wondering if maybe he hadn’t tried hard enough to break through to Merlin. Was he not a good friend? Did his friend hate him now? He entered the dark chamber and used the light from the storm outside to start the candles around the room and begin his search. Had his friend been committing treason since he was a child and could he possibly find any contradiction to his thoughts? Did he want to find anything to confirm or deny what was swirling around in his head? His friend already did magic, but maybe he could find something to prove that his friend hadn’t had a choice? Could a sorcerer not have a choice in their magic?


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