It will never end

I feel like this week isn’t ever going to end. I know I am exaggerating. As an author I feel entitled to embellish feelings every so often. It is my job.

On Monday we had our National Night Out celebration in the town I work in. As a dedicated employee and person, I did the honorable thing: I volunteered my entire family. They were a mixture of “Yay!” and “Why?” types.


The kids petting our town’s police canine unit dog. Town is so small that we only have the one.

Monday was also my second child’s sixth birthday. Lan, my son, was thrilled!


It was such a busy night that we didn’t get into bed until almost midnight. My kids’ bedtime is usually 7:30. They were a mixture of exhausted and too excited to sleep.

Tuesday I took my third child out for our “alone” time. Every few weeks I take one of my children on my day off out for shopping or a meal. Nate chose rainbow pancakes and to invite an honorary aunt to join us.

Wednesday was just a lot of working and I babysat my two nieces. Having the six kids here on the farm is always interesting. They decided they needed to play with the cats until Emrys, my oldest’ therapy cat, came running from the bean field to give them his mouth he caught. That ended the fun with the cats.


Tiger, one of the kittens, asleep after being the “prince” to the cat city they built in the back yard.

My “baby” sister had her third baby today, too. A healthy little boy they named Eli. She lives half the country away, but it is nice to know he is doing well.


Eli, my newest nephew.

I don’t usually post face pictures, but she already has a large following who has seen this picture.

Today I sat down to set up our meal plan for August.


Basic meal plan so I can get supplies for the month.

As I was sitting here I wondered to myself: when was the last time I wrote a blog post? Is this week over with yet? Holy buckets, it’s only Thursday! It’s Thursday?! What have I written this week?

Yeah, I also haven’t written anything new on any of my stories or books, either. It was just chaos this week. I also still have this week’s classes to do.
Tomorrow, Friday (finally), I have all six kids again. I bought that movie “Home” and so I plan on plugging in the TV and having it babysit for me for two hours. According to my schedule listed, I should be able to resuscitate my muse by Sunday if I finish all of my school work tomorrow night. Then I can get Casey finally updated, do the next chapter to New Camelot: Blackout, and work on the revised ending to Keeper’s Kinn. Only four more weeks of English left and then I will be able to tend to some of the deeper wounds.

Let’s hope this new movie is a success!


Dairy free “homemade” ice cream sandwich for my oldest, Ken.


Pulled too early, but still a decent size! My sister couldn’t wait and needed to see some. The rest will be pulled after the first frost.

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