Blank Slate Chapter Twelve

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. I also do not own Willy Wonka Candy Factory.

Warning: PTSD triggers

Chapter Twelve

It was too hot. Something was wrong. He could feel as if his body was on fire. What was going on? “Duo!” he heard a young voice yell out. “Duo, fight it,” the voice continued. He opened his eyes, but couldn’t see anyone around his hospital room. “I’m sorry Duo,” the voice said weakly. “Take care of the others for me.” He felt the tears prick his eyes as he threw the sheets off of him. “Solo! Don’t DIE!” he heard his own, but younger, voice call out through the room. He licked his parched lips and tried to sit up. Something was wrong.

~*~ Ma ~*~

“He has contracted an infection somewhere in his body. We are currently doing everything we can to lower his temperature and help him fight it. The problem we are seeing, though, is that he is very weak,” the doctor looked Quatre in the eyes and spoke frankly.

“Just do whatever you have to do. He cannot die,” Quatre’s blue eyes turned to steel and then he turned toward the bed where his friend was moaning, sweating, and weakly calling out gibberish in his heat induced nightmares. “Anything you have to do is completely covered and will be paid in full.”

The doctor nodded and left the room. Quatre walked over to the bedside and sat down in the hard guest chair. “C’mon Duo… Daniel… whatever you want to be called… I need you to fight this and come back again.” His eyes watered up as he watched his friend fight against something that wasn’t really there. “We’re sorry we lost you and we need to apologize to you.” The tears fell from his aqua marine orbs and onto the bed linens already drenched in the other boy’s sweat.

~*~ Ma ~*~

Someone was laughing insanely. It was him, but it wasn’t at the same time. Why was he laughing? He opened his eyes. Around him were bodies burnt, bleeding, and dead. He stood in the center of them all. Women, men, and even children were surrounding him and he was laughing like a maniac. What had he done?

~*~ Ma ~*~

The boy thrashed about in the bed and it took all that Quatre had to hold him down with the nurses to strap him in. He was pulling open his stitches with every scream as he fought them. “Duo!” he kept yelling at the boy. “Calm down! We’re friends!” The brunette was not listening. With every last bit of strength the child had he fought them until they finally had everything strapped down well. Quatre stepped back from him and felt the tears coming again. He breathed in deep as the extra nurses left and the on sight nurse reattached the IV and put medication into it. The sounds coming from the bed slowly decreased as the hurt child slowly succumbed to the medications and relaxed into a deep sleep.

“Oh Duo…” Quatre sighed as he sat down again in the chair to watch over his friend.

~*~ Ma ~*~

“Where am I?” he asked the darkness.

“Where you belong, demon,” a deep voice cut through.

“Why did you kill us?” a child’s voice yelled.

“Why?” a man’s tenor voice this time.

Then the screaming started. Blood curdling screams from different people assaulted him. He couldn’t see anything, feel anything, but the screaming insisted he heard them. The people he had killed or watched die over the years attacked him in the only way they could. “NO!” He screamed back against them.

~*~ Ma ~*~

“No!” He yelled as his eyes opened up to the white sterile room. He breathed harshly into the silent air around him. The screaming had stopped. He looked around carefully and tried to move. His arms were buckled against the bed and his legs strapped to the end. He was stuck. His breathing slowed down as he realized he was completely alone in a hospital room again. He once again looked down at his hands, “It would suck if my nose itched.” He smirked slightly at the thought and then relaxed again against the pillows. He was safe, alone, and everything was finally quiet.

Staring up at the darkened light fixture above his bed he tried to decipher his dreams. How long had he been asleep and why have such horrible nightmares? Where those memories?

“Duo?” he heard a voice ask. He looked around the room. No one was around. “Take care of the others,” it continued. His eyes widened. It was a voice just he could hear; a memory coming through the amnesia concussed brain. He had nothing better to do now that he was restrained, so he tried to remember the name for that voice. It was a child’s voice, he could tell that. He should know the person. He had been a very important person in his life at one point… and Daniel knew he had also died around the time he could remember the boy saying the sentence.

“Is everyone from my past dead?” he asked the empty room.

~*~ Ma ~*~

The sun was shinning brightly behind the closed curtains when Quatre walked into the room at the start of visiting hours. Duo had been in a medically induced coma until his fever broke for three days, but they had said at the nurses station that he had woken up and was finally back on the mend again. He thought about bringing balloons or flowers with him, but didn’t know Duo’s current mood and didn’t feel like finding out if he was still snarky, upset or even in the mood to tease him today. Instead he brought in a large bag filled with individual boxes of Duo’s favorite candies: Nerds.

The patient was sitting up in bed unrestrained. He was facing the closed curtains completely engrossed in his own thoughts. “Good morning,” Quatre said as he walked further into the room. He made it to the end of the bed and was about to bring out his treat for the other boy when Duo spoke.

“I killed people, didn’t I?” Purple eyes turned toward him. Sadness, grief, and unimaginable pain were hidden in those ever expressive eyes. Quatre stopped pulling from the bag and just laid it on the bed. Duo turned away from him again and back toward the sun glare trying to light the darkened room. “I’m a monster.”

~*~ Tsuzuku ~*~


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