The Storm Chapter Thirteen

Disclaimer: I don’t own BBC Merlin or Disney’s Frozen

A/N: my computer is out of commission for a bit. I am trying to fix it, but it has me grinding my teeth. This was written on my phone. Any mistakes are mine or autocorrect.

Chapter Thirteen

They trudged through the muck of what was once a road toward where the rumors of dry land had been reported. No one was able to get into the clearing that they had seen from another ridge had sun shining. Every person had tried to get through the maze the vines and trees and underbrush had given, but each attempt had just left people confused. They would find themselves on the other side of the clearing or just completely back where they had started from. Arthur was sure that Merlin had created the area just for him. He wondered why the sorcerer continued to plague the lands with the rain, though?

They came over a short hill to see just at the valley before the climb of another hill was a wagon. The horse pulling it was nervous and exhausted. The occupants were out and trying to get the wheels to turn to make it up the other side. One of the two wagon owners slipped on the mud as he pushed against the rear of the cart. A string of cuss words left the mouth of the young man as the knights approached.

The man stood up again and went back to his straining. Arthur took charge knowing that the two wouldn’t get the large wheels out of the thick mud alone, “Get that horse calmed and ready to pull on my mark.” He pointed to the person who was covered in a peasants cloak and hood at the front of the wheels. The person nodded and went to the mare to sooth her.

The rain fell steady but light. The king just hoped it didn’t open up on them yet. “Ready!” he called out as he took up next to the back wheel along with Leon. “Go!”

The soaked people strained against the flooded wood and they felt it starts to give. Slowly with every grunt the wagon moved on and finally up the hill to the crest. The person guiding the horse forced her to pull it to the top as the men leaned down to the heave against their knees.

The three gathered their breath and made to the now still wagon. Arthur looked it over to see what it’s cargo was. The metal inside clanked against each other as the mare shifted in her harness.

“Thank you friend,” the man who had pushed from behind said as he pulled his hood back and offered his hand to the king. Arthur grasped it and nodded. The man was of a dark complexion and strength burned in his brown eyes. “My name is Elyan. I am a blacksmith. This wagon, unfortunately, is a tad heavy for these mud trails,” he shook his head and then turned to the other person, “This is my sister, Guinevere.” The other person lowered her hood. Her hair was pulled back but dark ringlettes fell around and out of the tie. The rain clung to her like the rest of them and Arthur realized she was wearing trousers and not a dress.

He turned back to the brother, “Are you trying to flee the storm?” The man nodded looking grim.

“I can’t keep a fire going since the wet has creeped into every wood we had set to dry last year. There isn’t a place around that can keep a fire going, let alone a fire hot enough to work metal,” the man shook his head and sighed.

“You are going the wrong way to reach Camelot,” Leon pointed back toward where they had come from.

The woman, Guinevere, spoke, “We know the castles are crowded and there is not a way for everyone to survive like that. If sickness hasn’t hit yet than everyone bunched together will surely spread something.” Arthur nodded. He had been hoping to find Merlin before that happened.

“I am Arthur and this is Leon. We are on our way to stop this rain,” the king said.

“Are you knights?” Guinevere asked. They nodded. She continued, “…and you know what started this plague?”

“Yes. A sorcerer has set this on us. We are going to go and get him to stop this,” Leon said.

“How about we join together. There is strength in numbers,” Arthur suggested.

The man and woman looked at each other before Elyan nodded and they continued down the road toward the next town.


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