Blank Slate Chapter Thirteen

Disclaimer: Same as last chapter!

Chapter 13

Quatre didn’t know what to say at first, “You’re not a monster… we… you…” The other boy looked over at him again with a bit of a tear coming down his left cheek. “Monsters don’t cry for the dead. We have shed a lot of tears over what happened, but you crying means you’re not a monster. War does horrible things and it takes horrible things to make it end. We saved more lives than we took, I promise you that.” The other boy shook his head and turned back toward the window. The blond waited for a minute and was about to speak when the burnet did instead.

“What’s in the bag?” He turned to the blond with an obvious mask into place and a bit of a smile on his lips. Quatre almost felt relief to see the boy he knew hidden in the amnesia child sitting on the bed.

“You’re favorite candy,” Quatre said proudly. He opened up the bag and pulled out the plastic wrapped boxes. “Unless you got a new favorite that I don’t know about?”

Daniel shook his head and reached forward for the treat, “I haven’t actually eaten much candy since waking up without memories. I’ve been trying to figure out what my favorite other foods are. So, nerds huh? Did they make me smarter?” He laughed at his own joke and opened up a box of purple little hard candies smaller than his nails and in odd shapes. “Woah, these look awesome!” He tilted the box back to pour them into his mouth. He crunched through them with his eyes closed. Quatre wondered if he was trying to remember what he thought about the candy or if he was just enjoying having the candy. Purple eyes met his baby blue’s, “Yup, I agree, these are certainly my favorite! Can I eat them all now or do I have to save them?” Quatre looked at him in almost shock and sadness. Daniel continued, “I mean, uh, could you get me more if I eat them all?” He looked down at his blanket now and shut off all signs of emotions.

“I can get you more whenever you want,” Quatre smiled. “I… uh, well, why don’t we do something fun? I know sitting still isn’t your strong suit.” Daniel gave him a confused look. “Oh… uh… okay, well, how about I see if the nurses have any board games?”

“You mean B-O-R-E-D games!” Daniel said and smiled. They were awkward around each other and Daniel didn’t like that. This boy had known him before he lost his memories and he wanted to ask more about him. So far he was gleaning a bit of what he had been before the accident, whatever that accident had been, and he was learning a lot about the cautious blond too. The older boy nodded and walked regally out of the room. “Okay, and he’s rich… I can see that within a few minutes of knowing him…” he whispered to himself out loud. Had he been rich, too?

Quatre walked back into the room with a wooden board and two wooden jars. “We’re going to play I-Go. You were never really good at it, but it was always fun. Do you remember how to play?” Daniel looked at the board and opened up the wood container to see little white stones inside. The rules flashed through his brain and he nodded. Quatre positioned himself on the end of the bed and put the board between them. “You go first, please.”

The game started off. As they set their stones down with rhythmic clicks Daniel looked up at Quatre, “Can I ask you questions?” Quatre nodded as he placed another stone down. He knew that the amnesiac boy would probably ask many questions about their pasts. “Are you rich?” Daniel asked as he slid his white stone against one of Quatre’s black ones.

The blond paused in his gathering of a stone in his wood round box. He looked up in shock at Duo, “Yes.” He answered plainly, but he didn’t expect that question to come from the other boy. Duo had always made comments and been amazed at the extravagance that surrounded Quatre, but had never actually ever come out to say that he was rich. “In a way I am, I guess. I have money and I own my own company… I also have very good friends and that makes me even richer.” Daniel rolled his eyes and Quatre laughed.

“Am I rich, too?” Daniel asked. Quatre looked away for a minute and sighed.

“Duo… uh, I mean, Daniel… you live comfortably now,” he answered. Daniel leaned back and stared at the board of stones. He wasn’t stupid. Quatre was trying to be nice. He had some money now, or had before the amnesia, but he hadn’t always been so fortunate.

“How poor was I?” he asked. The game was forgotten as Quatre tried to decide how much Duo needed to hear now. The pause was long and Daniel finally snapped, “Tell me!” Quatre jumped at the uncommon outburst from his friend.

“You live on L2 growing up. From what you have told us, which isn’t much I might add, you lived… uh… you didn’t have much of a structural home…” Quatre stuttered a bit and tried to gage his friend’s reaction. The other boy was obviously volatile in his state of mind.

“Just say it, Quatre, I live on the streets…” he whispered. He sighed and leaned forward. His hand motioned to the board, “It’s your turn.” Quatre nodded and placed a stone down. The conversation was dropped as they continued to via for position on the board with their stones. In the end Quatre won by a landslide. “I’m not very good at strategy games, huh?” He smiled at the blond and laughed a bit. “Next time we need to play something I can win… like maybe poker.” Quatre smiled back and nodded. He left the room with the board to return it to the nurse’s station and came back with a book.

“The nurse out there said you can borrow this if you like,” he handed the book over. Violet eyes widened and a huge grin took over the boy’s face.

“Oh WOW! It’s the next book in the series! I didn’t know it was released already!” he bounced a bit in the bed, but stopped when he felt a slight stinging sensation on one of his stitches. “Okay, inside glee only… gotta remember I’m hurt.” He giggled.

“Go ahead and start reading it. I have to go now, anyway. Work to do and all of that… Duo, uh, Daniel, I’m sorry I upset you. I did mean it when I said you could ask me anything…” he smiled at the boy who still was giddy from getting the new book. It was a mask, though, and Quatre knew that Duo was good at those. “Heero should be here by tomorrow. The others are coming later this week. Doctor said you can be discharged by next week if everything continues to go well.” He smiled one last time before leaving the room.

The smile slipped off of Daniel’s face and he sighed. He looked at the new book and then at the clock. The nurse would come in to check on him in five minutes. Meal time would be another two hours later and that would be when they come in again after the next check. An echo of the screams from his memories came through the room. The nurse came in after them and his smile was plastered on his face again. “Thank you so much for the book! I am addicted to the series!” he said as she checked his stitches and blood pressure. She chatted along merrily with him and then left the room. It was now or never, Daniel thought. He slipped from the bed and made his way to the drawers along the far side of the room. He opened on up and found what he was looking for. Tearing open the package that held the sterile instrument he held the scalpel toward his face to see the gleaming sharp edge. He had to stop the screams and never hurt anyone ever again.

~*~ Tsuzuku ~*~


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