Blank Slate Chapter Fourteen

Disclaimer: Still don’t own Gundam Wing.

Chapter 14

The beeping sound was both a surprise and an annoyance. With it came the knowledge that he had failed in his attempt to end the memories and it was also very irritating to hear when he had pain rushing through his body. With every beep it coursed through his head as a pounding drum and up his arms like a wave from his fingers to his shoulders. His eyes slid open and he expected to be blinded, but the lights above his bed were off.

He heard a sound next to his bed and turned slightly to see bright blue eyes staring back at his purple ones. The boy next to him wasn’t moving, but he could see he was breathing. Bushy brown hair fell slightly down into his eyes, and Daniel softly wondered if he even combed it. He was being glared at and he didn’t like it, so he matched the glare with one of his own. “Who are you?” he choked out through a dry throat.

At first he didn’t think the other boy would answer him. He seemed to be very angry at Daniel as he said, “Why would you try to kill yourself?” Daniel rolled his eyes and turned away. “Duo… Quatre said you were starting to remember… Why would you try to kill yourself?” Daniel studiously tried to ignore him. He didn’t know this other guy, though the boy said he knew him and he mentioned Quatre. He could be one of the other three Quatre was talking about he supposed, but that didn’t narrow it down far enough for him.

They sat like that for a long while. The other boy was quiet but fixated on staring at him. He could feel the blue eyes boring into the back of his head. After watching the clock for about an hour Daniel gave up, turned to his companion and answered, “I can’t remember anything but screams. I want them to go away. I did what I thought was possible to stop them.” He glared as hard as he could at the brown haired boy who seemed satisfied with the answer as he sat back in his chair, but he still held onto the severe look.

“We all have those, Duo.” His voice was deep and didn’t hold much change in tone. It was certainly not sympathetic like Quatre’s was.

“My name is Daniel,” he sighed and looked down at the bed lining. “Please, I just want to be called Daniel… that other name seems to hold all of the bad memories and I don’t want them to come to me right now.”

The boy nodded quickly. “Your name can be whatever you want it to be.”

Daniel looked over at him again, “What’s your name?”

The other boy seemed to think it was a trick question as he paused and waited for something to happen. When nothing did, though, he answered, “Heero. That’s what everyone calls me now… you really were compromised? You really have no memory of me or the others? You have no information on how you came to be with this amnesia?” Daniel felt like the other boy was interrogating him.

“According to the police report a motorist stopped to help me when he saw me fall from the backseat of another vehicle. The other vehicle didn’t stop and only barely seemed to have slowed down. I rolled down the side ditch on Highway 22 and came to a stop in the thankfully dry center,” he shrugged. “Been trying to figure things out since I woke up… Is it true that I’m like seventeen or something?”

The other boy shrugged, “We figured our ages to be about that.”

“We? How is it the doctors think I’m twelve, or almost thirteen, instead?” Daniel carefully pulled himself up into a sitting position. The other boy automatically moved to help and Daniel let loose a few grunts of pain from his now mangled wrists and forearms. When he was settled he looked expectantly at Heero who had settled back to sitting straight backed with his arms crossed in the guest chair.

“For some reason you stopped taking the pills,” he answered. Daniel waved his arm in the air for the other boy to continue or elaborate for him. “When we joined the doctors for Operation Meteor they gave us a series of shots to stop us from getting larger and to stop us from growing. Now that we’re not needed to fit into the small cockpits of the mechas anymore we started to take pills to stimulate our pituitary glands again.”

Daniel looked down at his hands for a bit, “And I stopped taking them? Why would I do that?” Heero didn’t even acknowledge Daniel had been talking, which was fine since he was really trying to push his memory to give him some answers. Nothing, though, and at least the screams from the past didn’t come either.

They sat in their own silence for a long while again. Finally Daniel tried to reach over to grab the book that the nurses had let him borrow, but his hand wouldn’t hold onto it. He sighed, “Heero, I can’t hold anything with my wrists mangled. Do you mind if we either chat or I watch some TV?”

Heero grunted in response and handed the remote over. Daniel stared at it for a minute and then figured the silent boy maybe had met his quota of words for the day. He did get a lot of information to Daniel in the gruff manor that Daniel figured was just how the boy was. He gingerly balanced the remote on his open palm, set it onto his knee and angled it up to bounce the signal into the receiver above the screen.

“Anything in particular you want to watch?” Daniel asked. The other boy leaned back and shut his eyes. His arms were still crossed. “Okay.” He shrugged and turned on a random show; it was about how things were made in factories. It was noise and right now Daniel just needed that. “Heero, you can leave if you’re bored. It won’t offend me.”

The glare he received told him enough without any words. Heero was not leaving until someone sat with Daniel to make sure he did not repeat his earlier suicide attempt. He smiled brightly to cover up his annoyance at being babysat and turned back to the TV show. They couldn’t watch him forever. He grabbed onto the cross still hanging from his neck and slid his fingers down it gingerly. He ignored the pain that came with each movement as he thought onto everything he had learned.

~*~ Tsuzuku ~*~


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