The Storm Chapter Fifteen

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin BBC. I don’t own Frozen, either.

Chapter Fifteen

Arthur Pendragon felt the chill of the night as he tried to shiver off the cold wet rain coming down hard onto his chain mail. It seeped through to the tunic below and he was sure now that they would never be dry again. He felt despair running through him suddenly. The wishing for a fire wasn’t working and sleep was eluding the king of Camelot. His companions still were all awake as well drowning in their own soggy clothing and thoughts.

The sky started to creep into a light pattern that suggested a day breaking beyond the clouds above them all. It had been a long night without any comfort or rest for the weary travelers. Standing up onto sore feet they all moved at once and started on their way in silence through the dense woods. They had no food left, no supplies but what they had had on their bodies, and they could feel that their spirit for their mission had also fallen into the ravine. Guinevere climbed onto the mare’s back and Elyan took what was left of the bridle to guide the horse. Leon sighed against his own depression and they all started off toward the rumored place that Merlin was.

They had been walking for most of the day when they came to the top of a large hill and looked down into a valley. The sight did nothing to help their melancholy. The woman on the horse gasped as she brought her hands to her lips to stop from bursting into tears. Down below the houses were submerged to their roofs in rushing water as the rain had created a small lake where people had once lived.

“We’ll get no help here,” Arthur said sadly as he turned and they walked further into the trees. The rest of them took one last look with little hope that the people had escaped before the flood happened, and they followed the monarch onto the next village.

~*~ Ma ~*~

The next village was faring better than the sunken one they had seen the day before. Leon led them onto the muddy street and onward to the first building with signs of life. The sky above them crashed with bright white light and a large rumble shook the wood planks of the walls around them. Elyan helped his sister down from the horse and she nodded to them as the men went into the tavern where noise was gathered.

As soon as they opened the door silence greeted them with stares of men all around. A tavern woman nodded to them kindly as they found a small table in the corner beside a game of dice. Noise started up again as mugs drained down throats and men yelled with slurred tongues. A maiden took their orders for mead and left to gather them all their own pints.

“How do we do this, Arthur?” Leon asked. “We can’t just out right ask these people if they’ve seen him.” He smiled brightly to the serving woman as she gave them their drink and left quickly with her pay the blond knight had put onto the wood before her.

“It’s probably guaranteed that they’ve heard of the clearing, though,” Elyan supplied before taking a small sip of his alcohol. They didn’t want to get drunk, but it would have been suspicious if they hadn’t ordered.

A man with long brown and wavy hair suddenly leaned back in his chair from the table next to them. The back hit their table hard shaking their pints to spill in front of them. Arthur went to yell at him before he saw that the man hadn’t even realized he had done anything to their area.

“I do not cheat! You are just not as good as I!” he yelled at his companions as he gathered coins into his purse hanging around his belt. The other men all stood from the table and the travelers realized this rude rogue was certainly smaller than his gambling companions. He was picking a fight with men he couldn’t possibly win against.

Arthur couldn’t really allow someone else to be harmed so he stood as well and tried to defuse the situation, “Men, I’m sure you will get your chance to win against him later this evening.” They only glanced at the blond before a large meaty fist came against the wavy haired man.

The brawl was messy. That was the only way to describe what happened in the five minute span it took for the three gamblers to be out done and the rest of the tavern to be demolished by almost thirty drunks. The three travelers had fought hard against the gamblers with the rogue smashing just as many chairs and tankards alongside them. A man who hadn’t even been part of the gambling fiasco went to smash a piece of wood into Arthur’s back when a large table was tossed onto the poor man by a guy who was three times larger than any knight Arthur had fought with in his ranks. Brought out of his shock as another man joined the giant in helping their fight was when the entire tavern had got into the mass quarrel.

By the end of it the tavern keep was in tears as he saw the damage and the women were in shock. The travelers and the three who had fought alongside them, including the one who had started the fight, all ran out into the storm to escape from the anger of the owner. Leon gave a shrill whistle as they ran quickly from the town and the sound of the hooves from their horse came behind them as Guinevere rode out to meet them. “We need to leave quickly,” Arthur said as they rushed to the cover of the forests under brush.

Panting as night started to encroach on them all they stopped in a small clearing. The man with the long wavy hair laughed suddenly into the sound of the pouring rain. “That was the best fight I have ever been in,” he announced jovially.

“This happens often?” the man with like hair, but shorter cut, asked incredulously to the rogue. The giant started to laugh as he collapsed to the ground. Soon everyone was laughing except for a very confused Guinevere.

The trouble maker nodded his head after finally being able to catch his breath as he introduced himself to everyone, “The name is Gwaine. Thank you for helping me back there.”

The man who had saved Arthur spoke, “I am Percival. This is Lancelot.”

Lancelot nodded his head and finally caught the gaze of the woman in their group before turning suddenly to the gambler, “You are very welcome.”

Arthur took lead of the travelers as he introduced everyone. After the lady’s introduction Lancelot took her hand and gave it a light kiss, “Pleasure is mine, my lady.”

Gwaine laughed and nudged the noble man, “Ah, she seems the type to want men who have style.” He took her hand from Lancelot and kissed the back the same, “and I am one who has style.”

Guinevere blushed as she saw her brother, and surprisingly Arthur, both bristle to how the men were unashamedly flirting with her. She took her hand back as Gwaine smirked and Lancelot frowned at the man who had moved him.


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