Blank Slate Chapter Fifteen

Disclaimer: Don’t own Gundam Wing

Chapter 15

By the fourth day of being confined to the bed and on twenty four hour surveillance by an ever persistent Heero, Daniel was about to snap. They stood glaring at each other with their arms crossed in the doorway of the bathroom. “I just want to pee,” Daniel grounded out as Heero blocked the door from shutting with his body. Daniel was half tempted to just slam it anyway into the other boy, but with the way Heero’s biceps trembled he knew he wouldn’t win a shoving match with the older teen. Adding in that Heero was a head taller than him made Daniel realize shoving was also out of the possible solutions. “Heero, buddy, pal, I have that damned catheter out and I need to tinkle now. Kay? Got it? Now, leave so I can let my bladder feel relief.” He didn’t even get a grunt from the blue eyes in front of him. He narrowed his own purple eyes and almost smirked at the thought. “Fine. I won’t go then. I’ll hold it until my bladder literally bursts and poisons my body from the inside. Good idea, Heero! You’re a genius!” With that said he went to get back into his bed.

Heero moved to hold him in the room. “I will turn around, but you are not going to be left alone,” he said with his ever present scowl. Daniel rolled his eyes, but turned toward the toilet to get the relief he sought. He looked over really quick to see Heero’s back toward him.

After he was done with the toilet, lowered the gown again, and flushed, he could hear the slap of Heero’s tennis shoes against the tiles as he turned back around to make sure Daniel was alright.

Yes, he was being babysat constantly. He would even wake in the night to see Heero staring at him from his chair he sat in and refused to leave unless Quatre was there during visiting hours. Daniel didn’t know if Heero ever went to the bathroom except during the two hours Quatre was there, because he never was caught alone in the room.

He went back to the bed and lied down immediately. They had pulled the catheter out three hours before but an IV still was attached to his arm and streaming in fluid. He had thought it would be freedom, but Heero dashed those dreams just then. In anger he rolled onto his side to face the room and away from where Heero had sat back down again. Thoughts swirled in his brain and most of them centered on what he wanted to scream at his so-called friends. Sighing in defeat he shut his eyes to go into another nightmare filled sleep of screaming people and blood filled pools.

~*~ Ma ~*~

The blond boy was smiling brightly as he talked to Heero while Daniel limped his way into the bathroom alone. His arms were filled with clothing to finally get out of the horrible open backed hospital gown he had been tortured to be in for the last few weeks. His arm still smarted from the sting of the IV coming out, but he was just glad to be rid of it. Quatre and Heero had gone into the bathroom before him and had pulled out everything they considered could be used to harm himself, but he didn’t care at that moment. He wasn’t stupid enough to do that again while people were within saving distance, and he wasn’t going to do it again in a hospital.

The doctors had given him release from this prison of overly nice people and the ever watching eyes of Heero. Quatre was bringing him to his mansion on the river just outside of town. After living in middle class and lower class for the last almost year of having any recollection of being alive he was excited to see a mansion.

He wondered as he pulled his t-shirt over his head if he could possibly bring his friend Sam over. He might not really be 12 or 13 like the doctors said he was, but he had made a good friend and he didn’t really feel as old as 17 or 18 years. He was smaller than Quatre and Heero and from what he could make out from Quatre’s description of his other “friends” then he was the shortest of them all since he hadn’t been taking the pills to counter act the hormone repressing drug some mad scientist shoved into his veins when he was a kid.

He looked at himself in the mirror as Quatre called through the door for him. He didn’t answer as he turned and opened the door. Quatre held a brush out and a hair tie to hold back what it could of the almost shoulder length locks. He saw for just a second almost a sympathetic look on Heero’s face before his scowl deepened and he turned to pack his bag beside the bed. A bright smile came with the black bristles, though, and Daniel was glad that Quatre didn’t show pity.

After making sure his hair was combed and set right he looked to his friends. “So, do I get my own room or my own wing of this place? Oh! Is there going to be ice cream in the freezer? Do you have a whole room as a freezer? How about some of those nerds?” he started to ramble while they walked out of the hospital room and Quatre laughed a bit as the questions came faster than he could answer them. Heero followed behind the two silently. Both of the knowledgeable pilots wondered if Duo was talking out of nervousness or to belie the fact that he was plotting another attempt at his own life.

~*~Tsuzuku ~*~


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