The Storm Chapter Sixteen

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin BBC. I don’t own Frozen, either.

Chapter Sixteen

To diffuse the situation quickly Percival took action, “Where are you headed?”

Leon looked at the Arthur, who gave a slight nod, and answered, “We are searching for the sorcerer who caused the storm.”

Gwaine dropped his smile, “In the clearing that is dry?” Arthur nodded. “I know where it is…”

“Tell us, please?” Guinevere interrupted. Her brown eyes pleaded with the gambler.

Gwaine became guarded, “I can show you, but I don’t like the thought of someone being executed. If he can stop this without his death…”

“I never said the sorcerer was a man,” Leon said as he crossed his arms.

“You didn’t have to. I saw him. I wanted to be dry for a bit and sat in some bushes near the house he is in. Didn’t seem that he wanted company, though, so I left him be.”

“You have been in the clearing? I heard no one can get into it. They try as hard as they might, but become lost and tangled in the over growth.” Lancelot also looked suspiciously at the rogue.

Gwaine shrugged but didn’t give an answer. The steady beat of the rain began to increase as the drops became larger. They stood soaked looking at one another before the new comers to the group started to pull out rations and cloaks.

Lancelot and Elyan worked together with little voice as they tied the cloaks over branches. Percival saw they were creating a tent and went to grab two large logs for them to sit on underneath. Gwaine took the reins of the horse to tie her to a branch on a tree close by as Guinevere was shuffled into the more comfortable new tent by Arthur. Leon collected money from everyone and set back to the village to buy more rations for their group.

Once everyone was settled away from the loud patter of the falling water, Arthur spoke, “We won’t hurt Merlin.” Gwaine looked up from where he had been dumping water from his boots. “He was my friend before, and I don’t think I could ever see him executed.” Gwaine nodded and they all decided to get comfortable. Leon returned shortly with a pack full of more food rations and a thicker cloak for Guinevere.

“The clearing is a full day’s walk from here toward the east. I hope he is a good friend because this storm had to have been created by some powerful magic,” Gwaine said as he leaned against a tree trunk and slid to the soggy mud to shut his eyes.

“How powerful does a sorcerer need to be to do this?” Elyan asked.

Lancelot answered him, “Before the purge, according to stories I had heard growing up, the high priestesses could conjure weather for an hour or so. A group of them could bring a significant storm. For one man to do this would mean he is more powerful than they were in the height of their day.”

The silence pushed against them as they mulled over this. Arthur remembered the journals and the struggle he had read in them. He didn’t realize, though, that Merlin could ever be that strong. The skinny and pale physicians helper was more powerful than the king of Camelot. It sent chills down Arthur’s spine, and he fought the urge to panic. He chanted in his head over and over, ‘Merlin is my friend.’

~*~ Ma ~*~

The courtyard was amass with people of all ages. The screams of children and weeping mothers assaulted her ears as she rushed from them all toward the main doors. She heard people say, “My lady,” as they bowed but she hadn’t the time to greet them. She needed to find out what was happening quickly.

Her pace was determined as she strode into the council room where Lord Aggrevaine was bellowing, “I know what his Majesty’s request was, but we are running out of supplies!” A few of the lords were still nodding as Morgana made her way to the man’s side. The lords all looked at her and bowed their heads as she turned onto the leader.

“Why are there children dying outside on the streets of Camelot?” She waved towards the towering windows that chimed with each drop of rain.

“My lady, you needn’t concern…”

“I obviously do!” she pointed to the men with her finger in a sweeping motion as she continued, “When Arthur returns he will not be pleased to find we have forced a mutiny of the masses by starvation of their youth!” She tossed her long dark hair aside as she came to stand next to the Lord, “Fix it Aggravaine!” Her glare sent fear into the pit of all of the men. With her piece said she once again stormed through the castle.

Outside the weather fumed with her. As she flowed down the stairs to the court yard, a clatter of shouts and hooves parted the sea of peasants. Two horses without riders came barreling toward the royal stables. Morgana brought her hands to her chest and her eyes widened in shock as a guard yelled out, “It’s the kings mount!”

~*~ Tsuzuku~*~

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