Blank Slate Chapter Sixteen

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. I wish I owned it, or maybe even the mansion described as Quatre’s. I don’t own one of those, either.

Chapter 16

Daniel was amazed when they drove through the white large fence gates. There were big burley men, dogs, and guards everywhere. He watched carefully as they passed each one but the house froze any thoughts he had of trying to deceive his way out of the sanctuary. The mansion was huge from the outside and his purple eyes immediately took in the gleam of where the sun bounced off of the security cameras. This place was more secure than he had ever thought before. Whoever did the security was a genius. His brain tried over and over to come up with ways to avoid the guards, dogs or cameras. “Wow…” he breathed as he stepped out of the parked black sedan onto the gravel entry. Quatre and Heero stepped out of the front seats, Quatre had been driving. He heard a chuckle from the blond and turned to look over at him.

“You said that the last time you were here,” Quatre smiled at him. “When I asked you and Heero here to check the security I have and upgrade it all?” It was a question on whether Daniel remembered. He didn’t so he ignored it and started to follow the silent soldier into the huge double doors ahead. They had done a wonderful job on the security and Daniel couldn’t remember if he had left any holes big enough for him to slip out of.


Two other friends showed up the next day. Daniel refused to come out of his room, but they refused to leave him alone. They had given him a bedroom with a lock but he quickly found that they were just as good at unlocking it as he was at rigging it to be locked.

The Chinese boy, Wufei, seemed to be on guard and Quatre said he was waiting to see if Daniel was faking the amnesia. It only took the first day for Wufei to relax and realize that Daniel was not playing a joke on him or the others. He was smart and just a slight taller than Daniel. Wufei scolded him like a father would when he found out Daniel hadn’t been taking his growth pills, but Daniel could not be remorseful since he didn’t know why he had stopped taking them. Daniel noticed quickly that Wufei was a ranter and it was a bit funny to watch the other boy in his animation about things he took to heart.

Trowa was silent but not harsh in his quiet. He sat comfortably and even seemed to listen intently as Daniel rambled about different things. He answered questions Daniel asked with a way that made Daniel think he thought of every precise word like they were golden truths to be delved out to only a select few. Quatre had told him that Trowa had had amnesia like he did at one point and Daniel wanted to cling to that knowledge like it was a life saver. How did this boy in front of him, who Daniel knew had just as many terrors as he did, not go insane when he got his memories back?

A rotation was set and once again Daniel was on 24 hour surveillance. He almost wondered if he should try to escape just for the fun of it after a week passed by.


“Wu, can I call my friend?” he asked suddenly while they were reading their books still in Daniel’s room. The Chinese eyes looked at him calculating for a minute before reaching into his pocket of his jeans and passing a cell over. “Aw, thanks man!” he almost squealed out just to annoy the other boy, but thought he’d better not test his luck. He quickly dialed the number he had memorized. It only rang once before a frantic woman answered.

“Hello? Sam?” she asked.

“No, this is Daniel. Is Sam okay?” he asked into the receiver. Wufei brought his attention up from the book he had gone back to. They stared at each other as Daniel heard Sam’s mom on the other end.

“Sam is missing Daniel. He’s been missing for a week now. He never came home from school last Friday,” the woman sobbed. “I’ll call you when the police find anything, but they told me to keep the phone line clear. Please Daniel, pray for my son to return home.” The line went dead and Daniel felt his breathing and heart stop as he lowered the cell to the bed.

“Sam is missing… he had to have been kidnapped…” Daniel felt the tears coming to his eyes while Wufei’s widened and then turned determined. The Chinese boy rushed out of the bedroom and left Daniel alone for the first time in weeks.

Why hadn’t Daniel thought to call Sam last week when he came home from the hospital?



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