The Storm Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17

The sound of knocking echoed in the chamber and the candles flickered suddenly on the table in front of her. She sighed and called out to enter. As the door opened the flames stilled once again and she went back to her writing. A young man of about 16 entered the room in a full chain mail and a flowing red banner cloak. He bowed his head, “My lady?”

She looked up at the black hair and smiled as she stood, “Mordred, my dear! No need to be so proper! We’re friends, right?”

He nodded and smiled. His green eyes flowed with adoration for the woman in front of him. “Morgana, what did you need me for?” his voice belied his age to maybe even that of a younger child.

Morgana pitied the boy, she really did. He had been orphaned so young, but she was lucky enough to have hid him during most of the purge and then convince Agravaine to train him into the knighthood. Without her help and the love the former king had had for his ward, she would have never been able to keep the child safe. Then again, in light of the newest developments with the boy Merlin, maybe she should have just went to Uther with the child in front of her. Shaking away her thoughts she smiled brighter and took the knights hands into her own. “I need him found, Mordred. I can trust no one else with this task. Please, tell only a handful of knights and search him out yourself,” her eyes brimmed with unshed tears. “He needs to be found alive. Bring him back here alive.”

The boy nodded his head, let go of her hands and with on last smile and short bow, he swept from the room to complete his task.

As the door shut behind with a resounding thud her smile dropped. Turning angrily toward the servant’s door she snapped, “Agravaine, I told you before that spying was a despicable act. One not becoming of a noble.”

THe man came out from the shadow of the door and bowed his head, “My lady. I did not mean to cause injustice.”

“Then what is it?” Morgana sighed as she huffed back into her chair to continue writing.

“Why send the boy to get him?” Agravaine asked as he walked over into the candle light.

“We need to stop this storm. You know the people cannot continue this way any longer. Without him we are not able to continue any longer, either…” she paused and looked up at him. “Why did you argue with me in the conference?”

“I did so to keep the council men contained… My lady, why did you burst in like that? We could have discussed this at a later date and still you could have sent Mordred without my consent. You needn’t have had to take my pride like that in front of the men,” Agravaine stopped suddenly and looked terrified. “I apologize. I didn’t…”

“You did,” she said. They stayed in silence for a minute. The candles again flickered as she looked up at the regent, “You may leave now. I’ll discuss things with you again later.”

He bowed low and quickly strode out of the room before he could feel her wrath.


The king was soaked and in a sour mood when they were walking once again over another hill. They had just crossed a newly formed stream and the rain was once again large drops. They were heavy with the water and exhausted from the quest. Gwaine’s voice rang through the sound of the downpour, “One more hill and we’ll see it!” Arthur felt his shoulders sag a bit with the good news. They were almost there and soon Merlin would just stop this horrible storm.

At the top of the crest they saw the most glorious sight ever. A large hole in the clouds shone down golden light into the tree line just beyond them. It really didn’t seem that difficult to reach, either. A few of the guys smiled at the sight and Guinevere giggled from the sadle. They were almost there.

They walked faster as they rushed to meet the new tree line. As they stopped in front of the large trunks Gwaine turned to look at everyone. “One thing before we enter,” he said. “You need to trust me to lead the way. No matter which way you think I’m taking you,” the last bit was said while staring into Arthur’s eyes. The king narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

Leon didn’t wait for the monarch to protest, “Remember everyone that Gwaine is the only person we know who has been able to enter the clearing where the sorcerer lives.” Arthur still didn’t break eye contact with the rogue drunk as he nodded his consent.

Guinevere dismounted from the sadle and tied the horse to a limb. As one they followed into the thick brush.


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