Blank Slate Chapter Seventeen

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing.

Chapter Seventeen

Daniel was still staring at the chair Wufei had vacated when the other four pilots came into the room. Quatre immediately went to sit next to him on the bed while the others stood around. Daniel looked over at Quatre, “Sam is missing.” Quatre nodded.

Wufei looked down as his cell phone beeped. “It’s from Lady Une. She says she is looking at the police reports now.” He waited as his phone beeped again. Heero sat down and pulled his laptop from underneath the bed. Daniel didn’t even know that he had kept it under there. The tapping from both of them had everyone else watching as they waited. Wufei continued, “She sees nothing amiss with the reports. Looks like a standard grab and disappear. No connection.”

“No connection from the underground, either,” Heero said as he continued to read and type randomly onto the pad.

“Connection to what?” Daniel asked. They stopped and everyone looked over at him.

Quatre sighed, “No connection with what happened to you.” His blue eyes searched the purple in front of him and Daniel knew he was looking for if Daniel could remember anything more than what they had already figured out, which wasn’t much besides he was found in a ditch. He looked away and fingered the cross hanging from his neck.

“If it had been connected, could we have found him?” he whispered.

“We are going to find him,” Wufei said as he turned off his phone and shoved it back into his jeans pocket.

“We are?” Daniel asked as he looked up hopefully to the Chinese boy.

“No, you are staying here. We, as in the rest of us, are going to go and find him,” Quatre said as gently as he could. “Please don’t hurt yourself while we’re away. We want to bring Sam back to you alive and well.” Daniel nodded and whispered out a promise. He was disappointed to be staying behind, but without his memories his body and brain did not always meet in the right place. He couldn’t remember all of what the others could do and he probably would hinder the investigation more than help at this point.

“If I get my memories back, can I help?” he asked. They looked around at each other.

It was Trowa who spoke, “Of course.” With that the others left to start on finding the twelve year old boy.

Daniel was determined now to get back to being Duo. He needed his memories, even the ones with the screams, if he was going to help find his friend.


Daniel had his hair pulled back and he was crouched down low to the grass as he watched the dogs walk by. Their ears swiveled toward him but they kept on walking alongside their handlers. Slowly he crept out and kept alongside one of the hedges. Counting to five in his head after watching the camera turn he dashed across the lawn toward the tree. He stayed still against the tree as guards with guns walked by. He shut his eyes to keep the light from their flashlights from bouncing in reflection. Listening intently he knew when the crunch of their feet was far enough away.

He looked really quick for the sign of the camera making its rounds. He had four seconds to make it to the wall and shimmy up. He took off again. Using skills he didn’t remember having he launched himself up the wall, over it and onto the street on the other side. He allowed himself to fall down to his knees to quiet the landing on the pavement.

His smile broke as he sighed. He made it out of Quatre’s compound even without memories on how he knew what to do. He didn’t need his memories to find Sam. Now he just had to go back to the front gate, tell Rashid what he had done, and call Quatre to tell him he can join in the search.

His feet didn’t even make it away from the wall when pain shot through his neck. He reached up and pulled out something. Confusion came into his brain as he held what looked like a dart in his hand. Then the world turned into a swirling mess before he felt his legs give way. It spun and spun as darkness engulfed him.


His shoulders hurt, his side hurt, and as he pulled on his legs he realized his ankles hurt. Slowly he opened his eyes. Black, so black that for a minute panic almost set in. Was he blind now too? No, it was just a closed room. Not even a sliver of light came in from where ever the door was. The air was stale, too, meaning that there wasn’t a vent in the room. It was sealed and his only hope to not be suffocated was that someone opened the door in the next two hours. His brain supplied all of the calculation and a bit of a memory of something similar happening at some point in his life… with Wufei, he thought. He shuffled a bit and heard the scrape of his cross against the floor. So the floor was made of concrete and so were the walls from the way the acoustics bounced.

If bats could have echo location, than he was sure he could as well. Carefully he scooted until he had the chain in his mouth. He tapped the end of the cross against the floor he listened for return sounds. The room was empty from what he could tell. The pinging stopped and settled. His arms and ankles were tied tightly and he knew his fingers had to have been purple. They really didn’t want him to escape. He felt a giggle peak up through his throat, but choked it down. He’ll laugh later when the kidnappers arrive or right before he died.

He lay there and thought of anything else besides the fact that he really didn’t want to die of lack of oxygen.



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