Blank Slate Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

His body shuddered, sweat ran down his face and skin, and he tried his best to not gasp or pant. Sleep called to him from the darkness and he fought as hard as he could to not succumb to the temptation. “Now… I… lay… me…” he said slowly to the black. He never finished as his fight against the lack of oxygen was lost.

~*~ Ma ~*~

His body was being dragged to somewhere else. His head was hitting the bumps in the concrete flooring and his ankles were being gripped by strong hands. The headache pounding in his brain meant he was alive. The glorious air was filled with much needed oxygen. His lungs burned with the sudden need to get as much as possible into his system as quickly as possible. He couldn’t even care at the moment where these bad guys were taking him, because he was alive. His eyes stayed shut and he almost grunted with each abrupt smack against his cranium.

The person stopped pulling him and dropped his legs unceremoniously back onto the concrete floor. Daniel would have said that the man threw them down, but he reasoned that the lack of oxygen made his muscles pain anyway.

“Daniel!” a high pitched male child yelled into the room. Daniel opened his eyes as the man pulled him to an upright position. He looked across the room of a warehouse to see his friend Sam strapped into a chair as the man did the same to Daniel. “Daniel!” the boy cried out again before another man, one Daniel hadn’t registered was there, shoved a cloth into the child’s mouth.

Daniel tried to clear his head as he looked around. They were in a shipping warehouse of some sort. Light streamed in through windows three or four stories above the concrete floor they were on. It was daylight out. Boxes stacked around them had no markings to identify what was inside. Daniel had thought there were two men, but now he realized there were at least five. The men all wore the same gray t-shirts, blue jeans and had shaved their heads clean. They were all tan and Daniel was guessing some form of Latin American. They didn’t talk as they stood around with space between them waiting for something. The boss was late or trying to make an entrance.

Daniel tried to show Sam with his eyes that everything was going to be alright. He would have called out to him, but breathing was still difficult enough. ‘Please understand,’ he thought.

As his breath started to calm down and oxygen filled his body again in the places he desperately needed it to be in, a woman clicked into the room. At first Daniel thought that his brain still was deprived of cellular use, but then it all caught up to him as she spoke, “Hello Duo. I hope they didn’t rough you up too much.”

“Alecia,” he whispered harshly into the stillness of the room. His social worker smirked at him and then full on smiled brightly. “Why?”

“Oh Duo…” she walked forward and leaned down in front of him, “You have something of mine. I need it back. Where is it?” Her sweet smile turned to a sneer. Her manicured hands came out and brushed down his cheek, “I know your memories are returning. I just want to know where you put it and I’ll let poor little Sam go home.” Behind her Sam started struggling in his bindings and humming against the dirty cloth. She moved out of Daniel’s view so he could watch his friend.

“I don’t know what you’re looking for!” Daniel yelled. “Let us go! I really haven’t gotten my memories back!”

She started to tisk against her teeth as she walked over to the younger boy. The blond looked from Alecia to Daniel and tried to struggle out of his chair. “Oh, poor Sam… Boys, why don’t you help Duo remember what he stole from me?” One of the henchmen nodded and walked toward Sam who was now screaming in fear and crying.

Daniel didn’t have the chance to look away as another bulky guy grabbed his head and forced him to watch. “I don’t know!” Daniel kept chanting as loud as he could. He tried to keep his voice above that of his friend’s so that the crazy lady would listen to him and stop.

“I don’t know!”

~*~ Tsuzuku ~*~


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