Blank Slate Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. I think I forgot to say that last chapter. Don’t sue me! I don’t have enough lint for a lint ball!

Warnings: I tried to not type out the torture that was done, but there is violence in this chapter. I had six paragraphs of graphic torture and deleted it all telling myself this is rated T.

The screams finally silenced as their echoes disappeared against the walls. Daniel’s sobs, though, didn’t stop. “I really don’t know,” he continued to cry as he watched the henchmen check the pulse of the younger boy. Daniel couldn’t recognize him any longer and he knew that the poor child would have nightmares for years to come from this. If Daniel could give them the information before they were both killed, that is. “Please, leave him alone. Come after me! Leave him alone!” his last words were screamed in anger at the woman he had been relying on for the last year.

“Awe, darling, I couldn’t do that. You were trained to withstand such torture. We have tried that before,” she said as she sauntered up to his bound chair. “I was hoping we could get you to talk with just torturing your innocent friend, but I guess we’ll have to put him out of his misery.”

Daniel thought fast to try and delay them in killing Sam, “Before?” It worked as Alecia turned back around from where she had been about to give the order to kill his best friend.

“Oh, right, amnesia… I’ll play along.

Yes, ‘before’. After you stole from us we found you in your hide out and flushed you out. We then did everything we could to gather the information from you. We would have just killed you, except you kept saying it would be found if you die. As we were transporting you to another place, because Preventers had been tipped off somehow, you escaped. Brian forgot to put the child lock on the back doors of the car. He won’t be making that mistake, or any more mistakes, again,” she smiled at him with full teeth. It was a smile Daniel had thought once to be kind, but now wondered if this was her version of a shark grin.

“My day job allowed me to get close to you when we found out you had been saved from death. I was weary at first that you’d recognize me, but you didn’t. I kept moving you to different places, horrible ones when I had the chance, to try and get you to remember something,” she sighed. “I don’t want to have to kill your friend. He really didn’t even know he was making friends with a terrorist and thief.”

Daniel asked, “What did I steal?” She needed to be talking to delay the inevitable. He didn’t know why but he was sure that he just had to buy them time. “Maybe I’ll remember if I knew what I took.”

She stopped for a minute. A complete stillness came over her as she studied his purple eyes. She finally spoke, “Our plans for spreading a disease using foster care children. It is a brilliant plan, really. At first I thought you were pretending amnesia to get into the system to learn more about what you had stolen… anyway, long story short, it’s already begun. We started in Britain yesterday and today millions of foster care kids are getting vaccinated against a new disease that we have let the media suppose was running rampant through the country. Just like bird flu and swine flu, it is said to originate through cows and their meat. In all meat eating countries it was perfect.”

Daniel tried to wrack his brain to remember if he’d seen any news reports like it. He hadn’t, but really it was because the other pilots had cut his cable off in his room. They had numerous times tried to get him to sit with them for the evening news in the main living room of the mansion, but he had refused. For a week now he had missed this vital information spreading across the airwaves because he had been depressed.

Anger shot through him. His arms tightened against their bindings and he felt the rope dig into his wrists. It wasn’t long before the tickle of the blood pooling from his wounds came down his fingers. His violet eyes turned dark as he stared at this horrible woman in front of him.

She didn’t seem to notice the sudden burst of strength from her captive, “Of course we do have a counter virus. We have inoculated the higher ups with it. The rich have requested the ‘vaccine’ as well and have received the true vaccine. The poor are a leech on our system and the foster care kids go to the poor who abuse it. They get medical free and food free. These people take and take and take. We’re doing everyone a favor by ridding the obsolete from this world.”

As she talked flashes of memories came to Daniel’s mind- No, not Daniel, Duo’s mind. Solo dying as he coughed from a plague that took out the entire gang of friends, family, he had when he was just a small child. Dead bodies everywhere and hunger pains attacking his body as he was afraid to leave them alone. For some reason, though, he didn’t get sick. The plague had taken out most of the poorest populations on L2 and he had survived. He was Duo, named after his older brother Solo.

He pulled harder on his ropes and felt them begin to snap. His body had been dormant for a year, and he had eaten well but not what he would normally eat to keep up strength. He didn’t care as he heard Sam start to come back to the world on consciousness. He needed to get out of here, find where he had hidden the information he stole, and get Sam to safety.

Alecia stepped back as the bindings broke and he stood up. He didn’t give her time as he lunged forward to get her into his bloody hands. She stepped back and away as her five goons jumped into action to save their leader. He was punched in the face before her broke the first goons neck. He tripped the second one, but everything stopped when the windows above them burst out. Yelling came from all around them.

Alecia, the men that were still alive, and Duo all raised their hands in surrender to black clad, gun toting, and armor wearing army that stormed the building.

“Duo!” he heard from behind the army as a blond head came rushing through to grab onto him in a hug. “You’re safe!”

He almost laughed, but instead he pulled the Sandrock pilot away from him, “No. There’s a virus out there spreading right this minute. We need to stop it!” He looked over as Trowa and ambulance crews were tending to Sam. “And he needs his mom.” Quatre nodded and pulled Duo away from the arresting of Alecia.

“Tell me everything,” Quatre said in a commanding voice as they rushed out into the sun filled area of a shipping yard.



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