Blank Slate Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty

Duo sat in the exam bed with his feet swinging off the sides while he waited for the doctor to come in and release him. At least, he hoped he’d be released. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance as a precautionary action. They had taken Sam first, though, and he was in extremely bad shape. Duo let anger build up inside instead of the sorrow, because at that moment he didn’t need to cry.

The doctor came in and gave him a discharge paper. He warned him of possible side effects from lack of oxygen, such as dizziness, and not to over exert himself. Duo almost laughed, but instead he thanked the doctor and ran out as fast as he could.

Outside of the room stood the four other Gundam pilots silently. They all were deep in thought, but Duo couldn’t stand the silence for long, “Who’s funeral?” They all looked up at him.

“What?” Quatre and Wufei said at the same time. Duo smiled a bit and repeated, “Who died?”

Quatre smiled brightly, “No one.”

“Exactly!” Duo said loudly as he grabbed onto Trowa and Quatre’s shoulders to start guiding them out of the hospital, “And we’re not going to let anyone die. C’mon guys! We have a bad virus to go and get rid of!” Quatre laughed as they walked through the sliding automatic doors away from the emergency room.


Purple eyes bore into the blue ones of the lady underneath the bright light. “Tell me what I need to know,” he said slowly in a deep tone. It wasn’t a look or voice she had ever seen from him before. Alecia only smiled, though. She wasn’t going to talk.

Duo knew that outside of the interrogation room of Preventers, the others were making phone calls across the nation to stop the vaccination process of the children. They had brought in every agent they could and Quatre had brought in office people from his company as well. The lady in front of him wasn’t going to get away with harming the poor people of this country, and if Quatre and Preventers were fast enough, any other country. Britain area was under quarantine as they had already been vaccinated two days before.

“Which agencies have the antidote,” Duo asked his enemy.

“They’ll start coughing first,” she said suddenly. It almost made Duo jump because he wasn’t expecting her to say anything. “The cough will be mild, but effective. They are contagious as soon as they start coughing. Two or three days later the fever will take hold. It’s a horrible fever. The coughing will start to sound like a pack of seals, but it’s the fever that is the killer.” Duo’s eyes widened. “Oh, and we couldn’t find anything known to lower the horrible heat coming off of our test subjects.” She smiled wider and sat back against her chair. She shrugged as if he said something but didn’t continue.

He stood up and ran from the room. “Wufei!” he called as he made his way passed the phone lines. He stopped in front of the Chinese man who was about to eat a large bowl of noodles.

“What’s the matter, Maxwell?” he asked the boy panting in front of him. “You’re out of shape.”

“Shove it,” Duo said finally. “We need to quarantine all who have been vaccinated immediately. Coughing spreads it to non-vaccinated. The fever is what kills them, though.” Wufei shoved his chair back loudly and ran for the Preventer Supervisor’s office.

Duo leaned down to put his head onto the table and let his legs come to crash against the tile flooring. His brain was racing as his body tried again to grab oxygen. The doctor had told him not to overdo it since his body had gone through such a shock before, but he had forgotten in his haste to save lives. He shut his eyes as his vision wavered in front of him and the tiles turned into black spots.

A hand came down gently and slowly onto his left shoulder, “Are you alright, Duo?” He nodded against the table as he gasped again. “Still not responding well?” Heero asked. Duo’s head bobbed a bit. A few seconds passed and Duo could feel his body panic as he couldn’t seem to gather the much needed air.

“Duo, you need to measure your breathing,” Trowa’s voice cut in. He started a cadence of “Breath in… and out… and in…” Duo matched his words and slowly the world started to come back into focus again. With everything becoming stable again, he was surprised by the strong arms now pulling him to standing.

“It’s cool, guys. I think I’ll be okay now,” he answered as he wavered in Trowa and Heero’s arms. They kept him steady as his vision again went spotty and cleared. “Woah, head rush,” he joked, “Who needs alcohol when you can just deprive your body of necessities?” His audience didn’t chuckle or respond as they moved him to sit in the chair Wufei had vacated. “Thanks,” he mumbled.

“Sorry I’m a bit weak,” he said after a while of silence. Trowa shook his head a bit and Heero gave his most convincing grunt. Duo translated it in his head to them saying it wasn’t his fault. He chuckled and looked up as Lady Une and Wufei came from her office with grave faces.

~*~ Tsuzuku ~*~


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