Blank Slate Chapter Twenty-One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. I just torture the characters.

Chapter Twenty-One

Long brown hair shimmered underneath the glaring florescent light. Lady Une was a beautiful woman, no one could deny that, but she was strict. Duo stood up from the chair as she spoke to them, “We have been able to quarantine those who have been vaccinated. Unfortunately the number will still be staggering in the deaths, and we don’t know if the volunteer doctors will be able to not contract the illness either. We need the cure, Maxwell.” He nodded and looked down at the tiles.

“Can I hit her?” Duo asked. Everyone shook their head and he sighed. “Just a little hit. Something to make her fear me.” Une told him under no circumstance could he hit their prisoner. He rolled his eyes as he stomped off from their group. He heard shoes coming up from behind him, but he kept going at his slow pace toward their break room. He needed a coffee or soda and he wasn’t going to wait for whomever to catch up.

As he popped open the top of his bottle of cola, the other person sat down in front of him with a tea for themselves. Quatre’s blue eyes bore into Duo’s violet ones for a long while before Duo rolled his eyes again and said, “I’m fine!”

Quatre smiled a bit, “Am I mother henning you?”

“A bit,” Duo answered before taking a swig of his soda. “Look, Cat, I love ya, but I’m fine.” Quatre nodded and sipped his own tea as Duo continued, “I just wanna smack that… uh… crap, I can’t think of a work appropriate word since cussing has been banned from here!”

Quatre giggled a bit and shook his head. He offered, “Female dog?”

“Oh, yeah, good, we’ll use the dictionary definitions…

“I just wanna smack that female dog for what she did to Sam and the other kids. I mean, why target kids?! What is killing off a bunch of kids going to prove?” He threw his hands into the air and smacked them down onto the table. They sat in silence for a minute while Quatre allowed Duo to gather his thoughts together and calm his temper, “How many?”

“Excuse me?” Quatre asked. He searched Duo’s face for a second and saw the tears gathering in the bottom of his eyes. He was glad suddenly that they were alone in the break room, because Duo needed to let the feelings out now instead of in the field later.

“How many are infected? Do we have a count?” Duo repeated. He looked down at the table as if to hide the unshed water gathering.

“Our latest count was just over twenty thousand exposed and quarantined,” Quatre sadly reported. Duo cussed under his breath and let his head go down onto the table. He curled his arms around and his shoulders shook. “It’ll be okay Duo. My company is working with top medical industries to come up with a cure as quick as possible.” The smaller boy continued to silently sob into the top of the wood as Quatre rubbed his back from across him.

In the doorway Trowa appeared silently. He looked at them and Quatre shook his head in a silent plea to not step into the room. The taller boy nodded and walked away as if on air. Duo cried for almost ten minutes before uncurling and mumbling something about needing a napkin. Grinding the chair’s legs against the flooring, Quatre got up to get a handful of the abrasive paper products from near the vending machines. He returned and handed them to his friend.

Duo blew his nose and used a new one to wipe away his eyes. He then smacked his face a few times to get his complextion back and stated, “Alright. Let’s go save these babies. I don’t care what Une says, I’m going to get answers from that piece of poop in the interrogation room. I will…” Duo’s eyes flashed with what Quatre and the others had deemed a long time ago the spirit of the God of Death.

“Duo,” he said quietly, “We need answers and not another death.” Duo unclenched his fists, stood up, and nodded. They both walked out of the break room and Duo made a bee-line for the room where Alecia was being held. He wasn’t going to kill her, but he certainly wasn’t going to make her life easier from this day forth. “I’ll have Trowa ready to resuscitate her for you,” Quatre smiled, but his eyes also turned to steel as they split from each other.



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