Blank Slate Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Two

“Tell me where the antidote is!” Duo yelled as he slammed his hands down in front of Alecia. The table rattled with her chains holding her onto it. “Tell me!”

“Oh, poor Duo. No memories and now all of those babies are dying. Didn’t you learn anything in foster care? Poor people are scum who prey on the weak. I am doing everyone a favor,” Alecia smiled in a sweet way with her perfect teeth shinning. Duo lost it inside. His hand went back and he ruined that perfect smile with a right hook. The woman fell from her chair and her arms were stretched to the max against her cuffs. She gasped as the room echoed with the crack as one of her wrists broke or was dislocated. Duo didn’t care which one it was. He was seething and his control was slipping. He felt the urge to jump and finish the job of detaching her hand from her arm. Just as he thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to do, arms came around him from behind strongly.

“Maxwell!” he heard Wufei yell. The rumble from the chest behind him broke through his bloodlust and snapped him back into reality.

Alecia was being helped back into a sitting position on the chair by Heero as Trowa uncuffed her to check the damage done. She at first hissed as he poked it, but then an insane laughter built up from the woman. “No wonder we couldn’t break you! You’re insane!” she laughed.

A hand came out of nowhere and grabbed the front of her prison outfit to pull her on top of her injured hand. Quatre held her nose to nose and said in a very threatening voice that made shivers go down Duo’s back, “He isn’t the insane one.” He let go of her and marched back out of the room leaving a very stunned bad person behind. Wufei guided Duo out after Quatre as Heero and Trowa were left to continue to treat the prisoner.

“We can never leave you alone with a prisoner again!” Wufei yelled once the door was shut and they continued their walk toward Une’s office. The Chinese man didn’t even knock before bursting in and shoving the American through. Quatre followed more sedately and almost giddily behind them.

“He did it,” Quatre informed Une as they shut the door to give them privacy.

“Did what?” Wufei and Duo asked at the same time. They looked at each other and then over at Quatre and Une who were both now behind the desk.

“You know the answer to the antidote, Duo. She said so while you were screaming at her. Hitting her…” Quatre said.

“Hitting her?!” Une interrupted, but Quatre continued as if no one had talked.

“…was probably not needed, though.” Quatre shrugged.

Duo rubbed his hand where his knuckles stung a bit from the force of the punch. He then started to rub against his cross, the bad habit continued even though some of his memories were returning slowly. He had it in his brain and now he needed to pull it out? He had tried for months to get his memories back. The adrenaline was started to wane from his system a small headache was pulling from the back of his head. He shook his head and looked down at his tennis shoes.

“He can’t remember,” Wufei stated to everyone, “We need to find it another way.” Duo continued to shake his head as his headache continued to rise.



The world spun. He could hear them, but suddenly his voice was gone. ‘This is going to hurt,’ he thought as his vision blacked out and he felt his body crumple to the floor. Arms had tried to steady him, but his weight overwhelmed them too suddenly. ‘Really hurt,’ was his last thought as his world turned into a massive exploding headache and then blank.


He looked around at the field he was suddenly standing in. “Where am I?” he asked as the wind blew gently against his body. His hair was loose and brushing along his shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter,” his own voice came to his ears, but he hadn’t spoken them. He turned around to see a version of himself standing against the wind. His hair was braided in its long pleat and was waving around. In the other self’s hands were two crosses and around his shoulders was a brown cloak that was torn and ratted. It was whipped around as the wind grew against them both.

“What does matter?” he asked the cloaked mirror.

“The crosses,” the boy said gently as he smiled brightly and then it shifted into a manic smirk. “All that matters is the crosses.”

The wind continued to beat against them both as the mirrored boy disappeared by melting down into the field of flowers. “My brain is freaky,” Duo decided right then and there. He sat down against the ground and decided that now was probably a good time to wake up. He really needed Quatre’s brain on this one. He was pretty sure Quatre would tell him it meant something significant and it wasn’t just that he had finally gone insane.

The sky went black, the wind stopped and Duo felt his body start to float once again into a nothingness.



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