Catching up

It seems that I am destine to just fall behind in things. I still haven’t been able to get my internet to work out on the farm, and then all of my kids came down with two different viruses in the last two weeks. Now I have one of the illnesses.

When I have been able to, I have been writing. I have been writing and editing things that I am able to. I have more written for New Camelot and I am trying to outline Casey. My brain is having trouble switching to The Storm, though.

My kids have also been all over the place. With the holidays approaching, they are getting antsy. I am sure most kids are hyper about this time of year. Being stuck inside because of illness isn’t helping them nor my muse.

My goal this week: have New Camelot Blackout finished and on here before New Years. This is only book one to a series I have planned. It will be taken down from here, added to and edited, and published. The other books in the series will then be written and published instead of placed on here.

Casey is also being planned as a series of books. This one isn’t as formed as my New Camelot books are. I decided to write the first book without a clear outline. Now I am finding my brain wants to write the last book more than the first three books. I think this attempt at a drama series might just have to be put on hold while I write the entirety of New Camelot.

The Storm is also in the work. It should be ready, at least one chapter, by this week as well. I know it is fanfiction, and so not many read it on here, but I want to finish what I have started.

I have stepped out of my element as an online writer. This week I published my first Fantasy novel. I have to say I am very apprehensive about this. I am used to feed back every chapter on my stories and books. This is the first time that I am now waiting for people to read something in its entirety and then tell me what they think. It is also the first time I wrote something without a mass of people helping me with questions and cues to where to lead the story. I almost threw this book into my trash pile on my computer.


Click here for the Kindle version.


Click here to order the book.

With new projects in mind, and books always swirling in my brain, I suggest that people who like my stuff go and follow my Facebook page.

I feel I am on my way to becoming the author I have always wanted to be. Now to just get my deadlines met on my current projects…

Stay tuned for those updates.