Happy Holidays

I am hoping everyone enjoyed their holidays. I did. The time with family and the great food always is a looked forward to event to me. This year was not different.

The bitter cold of winter is now once again on my home. Holidays are over. Life is now going to get brighter and brighter. We just have to keep looking forward.

In the deep dark days of winter, though, I usually have reflections. This year I have been so busy that I haven’t had my usual quiet time for thought.

The one thing I have been able to do was start three new novels. They will be this new year’s goals.

I hope to have Warlord done by the end of this month and sent to my editor. The cover is already finished. I am so thrilled to see such a lovely reception received on Blackout. I hope the second book to the series is loved as much. It is the continuation to our survival in the new dark ages. Jenn now has a new problem of making allies and enemies as she steps up to be a leader of a growing town.

The next book I will be writing in February is my attempt at a murder mystery or detective novel. A serial killer is out after psychics. Specific ones that have helped solve murder cases in the past. With one witness only a 6 year old little girl, our hero is out of his league. He gathers his friends from other branches on a quest to stop the murders and protect the girl.

My third book will be another fantasy novel. A king has died and a queen has taken the thrown. A girl claims to not be from the land. Magic, creatures, and a prince who claims to be the heir. Can everything come together for truth and justice to reign in this new and strange land?

Everything should be set soon to get out. I hope to find a way to get these all down. I know my editor is excited and hopeful to be reading my work again. I also am working on getting Keeper’s Kinn finished in the new edit. The new version should be published this year, as well.

One of the things I continue to struggle with is this blog, my twitter account, and my Facebook. Besides telling people about my books, I find myself wondering what I should be posting. Anyone who is better at social media than me want to help me?

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