Foreseen Chapter One

A river flowed peacefully along the side of the meadow. Her hands brushed along the grass and she watched as the sun glistened on the top of the water. It was beautiful. Peaceful.

As usual, though, her dream didn’t stay that way. The sun darkened above her. A cold wind blew against her bare arms and she wrapped them around her. She sniffled back tears as the river turned a blood red in front of her. Turning around and the shadow fell more over her. He was going to kill her. This time she wouldn’t escape. 


The office was bustling with uniformed police and people in suits. The phones rang, chatting filled the air, and papers rustled amongst the chaos. Today was a busy day for the offices of the small city police station. Detective Charles Wu felt the pressure as he sat down at his desk in the middle of the precinct. It was busy, but a small bit of melancholy also tasted the air. The new report on his desk seemed to shine against the other four it now covered. Another murder. 

They were on his desk now, and that made it a serial case. This new one had made it to him. He sighed as he opened the top folder, the newest death. A man in his late thirties smiled up from the picture clipped to the side of the victims record. He didn’t even read the name, yet. He opened them all to look at his initial view. He was hoping to see the pattern right away, but their pictures showed nothing to him. Two men and three women; they were all varying in ages as well. Something made them a target, Wu knew. 

He would have to read their files. Without opening to the supposed horrifying pictures of their deaths, he read their profiles. All of them had different day professions. What connected them? 

“Psychics, huh?” a deep voice asked over his shoulder.



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