The Shift

The Shift

Jace believed in dimensions. Really, he couldn’t not. All since the day he saw the world shift.

It was a normal day. Kind of. The sun was shining, but he wasn’t. Deep inside his body he felt cold, empty, and very lonely. The wind was warm, though. It seemed as if the world wanted to caress his entire soul, but he couldn’t let it happen.

He stood in front of the slabs of cement and freshly disturbed dirt beneath him. They had left him. That is how he felt it was in life now. All of them. All of them left him. What did he have any more?

Why was the sun shining so warm against his back when all he wanted was rain? He needed dark moody clouds above him.

They had been killed in a horrible accident, and he wished now he could have been with them. He wanted to be with them.

As he turned around, the world began to swarm in a tornado of color. Noises assaulted him, suddenly, as if he was in a large basin of screaming people. As it all turned, shifted, around him, his body collapsed to the now very hard ground. He had someone in an orange suit in front of him before his eyes closed.


Opening his eyes, he felt like something was very wrong. Very, very wrong. He was in a medical place, but the windows had bars on them.

He thought losing his entire family was tough, but as the minutes ticked by in that bed, he found that being transported into a new dimension was even harder. He was in prison. His crime? Killing the person who had killed his family. Only, his family wasn’t dead in this dimension.

His family was still alive, and he killed the guy who had caused the accident. Now he was in prison for ten years. As the warden asked the doctor about his loss of memory, because that is what they were calling all of his questions, he paced around the room. Jace’s hands were cuffed in front of him, but the thought that his family was live made this new nightmare worth it.

He believed in dimensions because he went through a shift. He was fine with staying in this shift. Even if he was now a murderer. He had his family back.

France Gamble 2022

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That Didn’t Go As Planned

March did not go as planned. Does it really ever, though?


So, we started the month off with an issue from Frances. I don’t know why, but she picked her birthday at the beginning of the month to start threatening herself and others again. The hard part when she does this is that it is random. Also, she usually finds or makes a sharp object first. 

Then I had some issues with food. These prices can take a crap now, please. Really. I always said I would like to live in a history worth note, but I was thinking Mars. Certainly not on a path to Blackout. Thanks.

Then we had an issue suddenly at 4AM with our dog, Tika. She woke us up by running into the dressers in our room. She was foaming at the mouth so badly that we were soaked over our winter blankets. At about 5:15AM she went into a series of seizures. They were able to finally make them stop at about 7:15AM. She stayed in a waking coma until the next day at about 3:30PM when we let her go. We couldn’t see her failing and in so much pain. They said her brain was probably already gone, but we just kept thinking she was in pain. I will dedicate a dog in the rest of the New Camelot series after her. She was such a beautiful pup. 

Tika laying on Briton’s lap while he plays his Nintendo DS.

After that it was just planning the rest of the kids’ school year, making and keeping their appointments, and trying to survive now. I also care for one of my friend’s part-time as her errand person and entertainment. She stays in her house all day. 

I have a friend from the Ukraine that I have also been chatting with when I can. He got out, and most of his family too, but they fear they aren’t any safer in Poland anymore. 

I also have two birthday kids in May. I am not done with their gifts, yet. 

So, what do I need to do now? What are my plans? Should I plan… ugh. Probably. I am setting up new posts for my social media now. I will be spending this entire weekend writing everything that is planned for this month here on Patreon. I also plan to write an entirely Patreon only rant on what just happened with that other author who claims being a diverse parent to ASD (hint, she isn’t.) So, finish the writing I need for this month this weekend, and then finish those two birthdays presents before May. I can do this! 

I really have so much going on, and really need to just sit to write. I want to be an author full time again. I haven’t done this since before everything went to crap in 2020. Time to come out of my shell again. Hello world. I still am here! I am ready to be seen again.

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Because it is a Lie!?

When an author, someone who is an influencer, declares a release date of a well wanted/waited for book… well, I was duped. I really thought that when someone declares a book release to be on April 5th, then that is when I would get the book. Especially since I ordered the book back before Christmas on a well-known site. A site I have my books on. 

France Gamble’s book covers

This whole story may sound like I am just whining over nothing, but I think it is about support. It is about following through with your promises. The first thing I saw was this post in our support page for this person’s influencer blog on Facebook. It is a support group for her page, but also a place for parents of special needs kids to help each other. I joined mainly to stay away from the drama I thought was associated with other Autistic parent groups. I also joined due to having more than just an ASD child. 

I read this all the way down. I thought: OH! I’ve done this before. I have done Author Take-Overs for pre-releases. I have promoted other people’s books. I have also read and reviewed books! I’m ready for this! I can help. It was to be exclusive, and the questionnaire to get in was very specific. We had to list our pages, our following numbers, and how we could help promote her book. Whatever works, I suppose. I thought she just was going to look for those with a ton of followers. My twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have a fair amount. I got in! YAY!

I did get an email with a release of the book. Recently. Haven’t been able to find the time due to my March Madness, but I was ready to crack her open this weekend. Cool. Going to still promote the crap out of this book. It is a book that sounded like my own journey with special needs kids. I started posting pictures and links for her book release! You know, the whole hype and stamina involved.

Then the countdown really began! We were given these pictures to help advertise some quotes. Here is one:

I am ready. I’ve got this!

But, then suddenly people started showing up on the supporter page with copies of this book in hand. What? Then she posted that she went to her local B&N and signed a few copies! So, hurry to her home town and grab them while you can. 

What?! I could feel the frustrations inside building. I had a pre-order still waiting to be shipped. I also paid $98 to see her April 30th for a VIP signing of this book. Exclusive tickets… I was counting down to the release. Where is my book? Why is it some random in her hometown could buy all of the books at a store when this isn’t released yet? How is it that I have spent so much time and energy with this book, but they are out? What am I counting down to? What was I paying for to see her in May for such a steep price? She couldn’t offer to sign copies for us? Her supposed exclusive release team? 

I wrote this post in her launch group. Not the main group. Not her blog page. This is in just the exclusive launch group. I was frustrated. I was angry, but I was also hurt. I ordered a book, too. I gave her boost numbers for the top website to put her in the top 100 book sales, but we could have just gone to the store? I could have grabbed my copy today from a shelf, but I had one on order for next week. I also worked hard for her, and I got nothing in return for it. 

My exclusive only post wasn’t up for a full minute before she ripped that down. I was immediately kicked from the promoter group. Fine. I was still in her supporter group. 

Then suddenly I am blocked from commenting, posting, and reacting. Figures. They didn’t tear it down, so they took my threat seriously. 

Then she messaged me. Of course she did. Here is that whole exchange:

I feel like she is trying to gaslight me. I have been writing, publishing, and advertising books for years now. I have been an avid reader for almost 4 decades. 

So, what happens from here? Well, I am getting together my ASD friends to make sure people know about her. What can you do? Let others know. I am sure her book is interesting, but now I feel she just is an abuser. She used me. She then didn’t feel the need to ask about any of our feelings about this issue. What did we all just work so hard for? I never did get an answer for why some of us preordered for a release date that was bogus, either.

I am not the only one hurt in this. Here is another comment on a person who posted a picture of themselves with a book already, too. 

I am calling her out now. She wrote a book about parenting ASD. I also parent ASD. I don’t hold my kid back, promote his off-days for my own benefit (like sharing a video of him screaming in frustration), and certainly would never take advantage of my fanbase like this. This woman needs to not be the face of ASD parenting. She may have a book out now, but let’s make this her last book. 

This is a public post. Feel free to share on all your social media pages. Love you all! My fans are the best! 

Copyright: France Gamble 2022