That Didn’t Go As Planned

March did not go as planned. Does it really ever, though?


So, we started the month off with an issue from Frances. I don’t know why, but she picked her birthday at the beginning of the month to start threatening herself and others again. The hard part when she does this is that it is random. Also, she usually finds or makes a sharp object first. 

Then I had some issues with food. These prices can take a crap now, please. Really. I always said I would like to live in a history worth note, but I was thinking Mars. Certainly not on a path to Blackout. Thanks.

Then we had an issue suddenly at 4AM with our dog, Tika. She woke us up by running into the dressers in our room. She was foaming at the mouth so badly that we were soaked over our winter blankets. At about 5:15AM she went into a series of seizures. They were able to finally make them stop at about 7:15AM. She stayed in a waking coma until the next day at about 3:30PM when we let her go. We couldn’t see her failing and in so much pain. They said her brain was probably already gone, but we just kept thinking she was in pain. I will dedicate a dog in the rest of the New Camelot series after her. She was such a beautiful pup. 

Tika laying on Briton’s lap while he plays his Nintendo DS.

After that it was just planning the rest of the kids’ school year, making and keeping their appointments, and trying to survive now. I also care for one of my friend’s part-time as her errand person and entertainment. She stays in her house all day. 

I have a friend from the Ukraine that I have also been chatting with when I can. He got out, and most of his family too, but they fear they aren’t any safer in Poland anymore. 

I also have two birthday kids in May. I am not done with their gifts, yet. 

So, what do I need to do now? What are my plans? Should I plan… ugh. Probably. I am setting up new posts for my social media now. I will be spending this entire weekend writing everything that is planned for this month here on Patreon. I also plan to write an entirely Patreon only rant on what just happened with that other author who claims being a diverse parent to ASD (hint, she isn’t.) So, finish the writing I need for this month this weekend, and then finish those two birthdays presents before May. I can do this! 

I really have so much going on, and really need to just sit to write. I want to be an author full time again. I haven’t done this since before everything went to crap in 2020. Time to come out of my shell again. Hello world. I still am here! I am ready to be seen again.

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