The Shift

The Shift

Jace believed in dimensions. Really, he couldn’t not. All since the day he saw the world shift.

It was a normal day. Kind of. The sun was shining, but he wasn’t. Deep inside his body he felt cold, empty, and very lonely. The wind was warm, though. It seemed as if the world wanted to caress his entire soul, but he couldn’t let it happen.

He stood in front of the slabs of cement and freshly disturbed dirt beneath him. They had left him. That is how he felt it was in life now. All of them. All of them left him. What did he have any more?

Why was the sun shining so warm against his back when all he wanted was rain? He needed dark moody clouds above him.

They had been killed in a horrible accident, and he wished now he could have been with them. He wanted to be with them.

As he turned around, the world began to swarm in a tornado of color. Noises assaulted him, suddenly, as if he was in a large basin of screaming people. As it all turned, shifted, around him, his body collapsed to the now very hard ground. He had someone in an orange suit in front of him before his eyes closed.


Opening his eyes, he felt like something was very wrong. Very, very wrong. He was in a medical place, but the windows had bars on them.

He thought losing his entire family was tough, but as the minutes ticked by in that bed, he found that being transported into a new dimension was even harder. He was in prison. His crime? Killing the person who had killed his family. Only, his family wasn’t dead in this dimension.

His family was still alive, and he killed the guy who had caused the accident. Now he was in prison for ten years. As the warden asked the doctor about his loss of memory, because that is what they were calling all of his questions, he paced around the room. Jace’s hands were cuffed in front of him, but the thought that his family was live made this new nightmare worth it.

He believed in dimensions because he went through a shift. He was fine with staying in this shift. Even if he was now a murderer. He had his family back.

France Gamble 2022

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They Came For Me

Copyright 2017

It had been happening for a while now. I would wake at 2:23AM every night. My dark brown eyes would look fiercely at the red numbers on my alarm clock to verify. Sighing, since this was getting old, I always knew that the weird star outside would flash bright. It never was too bright. Just a quick flash like a camera. Then the clock would announce it was 5:49AM. Every night.

I never felt myself fall asleep. I don’t even know if I blinked against the bright star. I just know it happened. It has been happening for years now. This all started when I was 17. I just had my 23rd birthday yesterday. I also am exhausted. I feel like I haven’t slept in all of those years.

My parents were becoming more concerned as medicine and doctors haven’t helped. Therapist have brushed me off. No reason for the insomnia nor the exhaustion. Now, here they were taking me to a different one. A hypnotist was my final choice before an extensive sleep study in a hospital bed.

France Gamble

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Foreseen Chapter One

A river flowed peacefully along the side of the meadow. Her hands brushed along the grass and she watched as the sun glistened on the top of the water. It was beautiful. Peaceful.

As usual, though, her dream didn’t stay that way. The sun darkened above her. A cold wind blew against her bare arms and she wrapped them around her. She sniffled back tears as the river turned a blood red in front of her. Turning around and the shadow fell more over her. He was going to kill her. This time she wouldn’t escape. 


The office was bustling with uniformed police and people in suits. The phones rang, chatting filled the air, and papers rustled amongst the chaos. Today was a busy day for the offices of the small city police station. Detective Charles Wu felt the pressure as he sat down at his desk in the middle of the precinct. It was busy, but a small bit of melancholy also tasted the air. The new report on his desk seemed to shine against the other four it now covered. Another murder. 

They were on his desk now, and that made it a serial case. This new one had made it to him. He sighed as he opened the top folder, the newest death. A man in his late thirties smiled up from the picture clipped to the side of the victims record. He didn’t even read the name, yet. He opened them all to look at his initial view. He was hoping to see the pattern right away, but their pictures showed nothing to him. Two men and three women; they were all varying in ages as well. Something made them a target, Wu knew. 

He would have to read their files. Without opening to the supposed horrifying pictures of their deaths, he read their profiles. All of them had different day professions. What connected them? 

“Psychics, huh?” a deep voice asked over his shoulder.



Casey Chapter 1

She had been staring at me for the whole class hour. I could feel it, and even when I turned to check she was looking at me. Those few glances from my sight made her eyes almost pull tears forward. She was going to cry. Why? 

“Casey!” she yelled out as I was now standing after class with Brandon and Wess. 

“Indigo is calling,” Wess snickered. I punched his arm slightly harder than I meant to. I knew he was messing around, but I really hated the teasing. Sure she wasn’t the most popular girl, but she was my friend. 

“Alright guys. See ya later,” I laughed off the accidental punch. I got a slug back from both of them. Wess’ once again was harder than it should have been, but Brandon gave me a friendly slap on my back. I would see them before school started in the morning. Most likely they would both try and get whatever Indigo wants out of me.

She hadn’t even moved toward me until I turned to look at her fully without my friends. A few snickers and calls came out from some of the cheerleaders toward her. Yeah, I knew she wasn’t popuar, but this was worse since she had yelled out my name in a crowded hallway. 

“Uh,” she looked down. This wasn’t being shy, though. Tears clung hard to her eye lashes. 

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Death By Stickman

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They Came For Me

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Red Eyes

Colleen always thought herself an average little girl. She was eight years old and lived in what was considered the “bad part of town” in Detroit, Michigan. She never begrudged her parents for the little they could provide her and her two sisters, one older at thirteen years old and her younger sister at six years old. The new apartment they had been able to finally provide was bigger and allowed her older sister her own room.

The one things that discomforted Colleen, though, was the horrible feeling she had when she would try to walk down the hallway to her room or from her room. She couldn’t do it like her sisters did, and her mother had come to scolding her for rubbing the white wash off of the walls. Her back would feel the tingles as if someone was following her when she knew she was alone. This forced her to rub her back down the walls as she walked like a crab sideways. Every spanking her mother gave her was worth it to not have that horrible feeling crawling down her back.

Her parents worked hard as servers in the suburb outside of downtown. They brought in a decent amount of money to keep them warm in the winter and housed now. It was a step up from their previous dwellings. Colleen knew that they were saving to one day move everyone into the neighborhood where they had found their good jobs and into the better schools.

Colleen was now laying in her blankets on the floor next to her younger sister, Tisha, and trying to will herself to sleep. For some reason she couldn’t shut her eyes. Her heart would race when she did and they would pop back open. The light from the hallway illuminated the dark room well enough for her to see that her few toys and belongings weren’t moving. Yet something seemed to be moving in the dark to her mind. She told herself over and over it was her imagination. She could hear the night people outside of the house and the bass from the cars as they cruised by. Her parents wouldn’t be home until the last bus came through at about midnight, but her older sister Nikka was awake. She knew she was awake still as her stereo was on low to try and drown out the night life of the ghetto.

Finally sleep came onto Colleen deep into the night even after she heard the door unlock and her parents come in for the night. All three bolts were replaced as her brain went into the first stages of dreams. They were plagued, as they had been of late, of weird images of people yelling and the horrible feeling of fear. No sound, though, was ever in these dreams and that might have forced her to be better about them.

Most days were a normal routine for Colleen. She would wake up and hurry out of her bedroom before her back could be exposed. In the living room her sisters would be getting dressed for the day and they would share a handful of cereal. Then they would all hurry out of the door to the public bus to ride toward their school. Their parents hadn’t wanted them to attend at the public which was three blocks from their new apartment, so they had received some of the few scholarships awarded to attend a private academy on the other side. It was an hour ride on the public bus. This meant that Colleen didn’t have to be in the creepy part of her apartment very long, though. Even when she was home she tried to remain in the living room as much as she could.

This day went as usual until it was time once again for bed. The feeling in the house intensified as night drew its blanket onto the city. Nikka was bobbing her leg up and down while sitting on the couch in apparent nervousness. Tisha also seemed to be worried about something. Colleen didn’t know what could be causing it, but even in their living room, she felt as if it wasn’t just the three of them alone in the apartment. They heard their heater click on, but then shut off almost immediately. Nikka stood up and went to the thermostat. She didn’t tell the other two anything but shook her head, shrugged her shoulders, and returned to the couch. They continued to watch their Princess and the Pea movie as the heater once again started and stopped.

Nikka sighed, “You two better go get to bed. If the heater is broke than you’ll wanna be under your covers tonight.” She stood up and turned off the T.V. The heater gave a low moaning sound before turning on and off again. It sent chills down Colleen’s spine as she grabbed Tisha’s hand and they raced for their bedroom.

As they both cuddled under their heap of blankets and quilts, most of which had been gifts from the PTO at their new school, they felt the cold seep into the room. A broken furnace in the middle of February in Michigan was a death sentence if they waited to long to fix it. Tisha fell into slumber quickly, as she did most nights, but Colleen stayed awake to hear Nikka trying to get the heater to work. She heard her on the phone with one of their parents, probably disrupting their shift to tell them, and heard her ask if they still had their portable unit from the old apartment. The old apartment hadn’t had central heat like this new one did, and so they had had space heaters that were constantly a threat to break out a fire. Colleen remembered her dad’s warnings every morning while they huddled around one in the living room. Nikka hung up the phone then and Colleen felt herself starting to drift into sleep.

The cold nipped her face, but she couldn’t breathe under her blankets. Her face was the only thing she hadn’t bundled up. Her head even had an extra pillow wrapped around it. The sound of a voice shouldn’t have penetrated the wrappings of fluff, but it was clear as if she hadn’t her ears covered well, “Kill her.”

Her eyes sprang open and she shifted their browns around the darkened room. The hallway light should have been able to come into the room well enough for her to see around her, but it seemed the black had covered her room well. She could see a bit of where the light just ended right at the entrance of her room and couldn’t come in further. The voice was raspy and deep, “Kill her.” She was awake now and knew for certain that it couldn’t be a dream. Tisha was still deep in slumber beside her.

Slowly, without knowing why she was doing it, she sat up and grabbed for her extra pillow. “Take her from this misery. Kill her,” the voice commanded. She held her pillow in between both hands now. She knew what she had to do. Her brain screamed for her to stop, though, as her hands moved to hover above the little girl’s face. She could easily push the pillow down and sit on top of the six year old.

No! Her brain was yelling at her to stop. To not move. She needed to not kill her sister. She had never any ill will toward her family before. Why would she want to end the six year old’s life now?

Her arms shook with the torrent of emotions. She wanted to stop, but the voice kept challenging her. It kept commanding her. Her eyes moved from the innocent little girl and up into the corner of her room. Above the closet was deep black and then two glowing red pupils. They had no outline, nothing to define them attached to anything. The blackness swirled around the entire room except for those eyes and the clearness she could see her sister laying next to her.

Suddenly it seemed over. A new shadow joined the room and she could move her body on her own again. She had control over her arms and pulled the pillow away from where it had almost snuffed out a life. She searched for the source of the new shadow and saw Nikka standing in the doorway. Her own face alight with fear and shock as she stared into the corner where the eyes had been. They slowly looked at each other before the older sister ran from the room.

Colleen couldn’t fight the fatigue that suddenly gripped her. She didn’t remember laying down nor falling asleep, but she was grateful when the sun was shinning through the window the next morning. She was very happy when Tisha woke her up.

Her happiness increased as they packed their things over the course of the next three days and by the end of the week were moving to an apartment closer to their school and where their parents worked. They never spoke about what happened in that apartment that night and her mother never had need to spank her for stripping the paint again. In their new place she was able to walk down the halls comfortably and even play in her room alone. They all realized how dark the world had seemed when suddenly their new apartment seemed brighter even if it did have less windows.

Colleen tried to ignore the news, but she couldn’t help to notice that her old address seemed to have a lot of domestic violence murders attached to it until it was finally torn down when she was twenty-three so that the new deli across the street could have a bigger parking area. Even later, though, she still remembers the red eyes who had tried to get her to kill her sister that cold winter’s night.