They Came For Me

Just put up the new story on my  Patreon account (link opens in a new window). Go and peak. This one is free for the month of Halloween.

Writing on my phone is a pain, though. If you enjoy my free story, then please donate for my Patreon site. Get chapters to ongoing books, read them first, and help me get a new laptop to coninue my work. For just a dollar a month! Best offer ever, and cheaper than buying a full length hard bound novel. The more interest i get on patreon, the faster I can type. Replace my babysitting job, and I will have a ton of time to write. Thank you everyone.

Hope you enjoy the story. Next one is better.


Still trucking along

I have been writing. Not necessarily what I should be writing, but I have been writing. My books are increasing, and that is what I need to be doing. It takes me time to do these things.
Unfortunately, last week was filled with lots of family emergencies. I also had sick kids. This means that I have been writing, but not on Warlord. I am finding myself onto crunch time with my books, though. My goal was to have so many written by the end of the year, and released next year. Family problems were not brought into that equation.
In other news, though, I have decided to start another set schedule to update The Storm and Casey on my blog again. I am also going to start reading to bring my brain back down to earth, as well. I need to show myself a break from certain issues and still get my work out on time.
Schedules are so hard for me. My four kids, my job, and my extended family makes things difficult to control one. I plan out everything, but always find myself crying while trying to keep up with everything I planned. That is never good for anyone.

Today I am sitting down with my planner and getting everything down. From homeschooling the kids to writing my books; everything will become a good plan for me. I am also going to tackle my reading list for the year. Be prepared for updates now on a weekly basis of my old stories and my new stories. I am going to work on my blog outline this weekend as well. That is in my schedule.

I will plan a journal once a week as well. Just be prepared for rambling some weeks. I don’t know what to really put in a journal. I do my best not to discuss politics on here (go to my Twitter for that) nor religion. Unfortunately, both of those things are surrounding all of us currently. I will have to find something to write about that is so close to my heart, but isn’t in those zones.

I also work five to six days a week for ten to twelve hours a day. I have another facebook page just for that rambling, chaos, and torture. I will link that at the bottom of the page if you’re bored and want to find out what I do all day.

I am shocked, though, to find people still liking, following, and favoriting my story on other websites. It is amazing to me that I have been silent for so long, but still people enjoy reading things. I feel the need to keep that going. At least for the sake of my fans. So, my goal is to update The Storm immediately this week. Then put the updates once again on a rotation. Once The Storm is finished, I have another story to take its place.
Well, I am being pestered by children, so I will leave now. Please enjoy my blog, my facebook pages, and stay tuned for more stories and books!

(Buy links are in the menu on this page if you haven’t bought one of my books. I suggest you check them out. Might be worth a subway ride or a plane flight read!)

Going blind

Last Sunday I was working at the major retailer that pays my bills. We needed to shift all of the Christmas things to the clearance section of our store. No problem; I have done this before. What I have never done before, though, is get glitter into my eye.

Christmas things are covered the fairy’s snot. I already loath the sparkly stuff that takes forever to get off of the clothing and skin, but now it is a health hazard!

Back to my story: I got glitter into my left eye. I tried to wash it out with eye rinses and extreme tearing, but it refused to stop attacking my eyeball.

The damage given is a scratched cornea. It is almost right down the center, probably from my useless blinking. The eye is cloudy on one side and tilted a bit on the other.

It will heal.

On the other hand, it makes my life difficult. I cannot see long enough to write on my laptop. I couldn’t see the new Star Wars movie in 3D (and was doing my best to nurse the headache after the movie since I kept trying to adjust to see it all). Working at the store is a combination of pain pills and breaks to the bathroom to splash water on my face. Driving is only being done when necessary, since my depth perception is very off.

Mostly, though, I just want to finish my books. The stories are swimming in my brain and I need to get them down. My phone has voice to type, but my laptop doesn’t.

I hate being blind. Remember to learn from my mistakes. Do not let your Christmas ornaments cause a disability in your house. Also, fairy snot isn’t fun.


A picture of one of my cats walking down my driveway after our 9″ of snow last week.

Also, go grab a Kindle copy of Fantasy Life this week. It is at a reduced price. $0.99 today and the price will increase as the week progresses! Get it while you don’t have to pay a lot.

Happy New Year!