Clear!! Bring back the MUSE!

“Defibrillator stat! Hold! Clear!”

Hi everyone! I’m still alive. I don’t feel like it, but alas I am breathing. My finals for my dreaded English class was on Sunday and now my muse has been resuscitated. “IT’S ALIVE!!!”

So, tonight I am going to tackle a few chapters of a couple of stories. I’m also going to continue to write down more of my outlines for other books that have been sitting in the wood work for a while.

Has anyone here ever read my work from ten years ago called Fantasy Life? I’m editing it now and probably going to release it self published soon. I am not releasing it under this name, though. I have another name for it to be released under.

I always felt that people who wrote a certain way should write their stuff under one name and if they dabble in another branch then they should change their name (especially if their work is all under a pen-name anyway!)

This is why I will be releasing Fantasy Life as Jenna Gamble. My fiction will continue to be written as France, but I feel that I don’t France (my name) to be associated with the true story that is written in Fantasy Life. This will also protect everyone that Fantasy Life is written about. I have come to peace with my demons and my past, but I feel people should still know about it to see how far I have come in life.

Is it wrong, though, to be publishing a true story about abuse before I publish anything that I have written as fiction? I want to publish it, but then I sit here and wonder if I should put my family in that situation? I could always run and hide forever and never let that book see the light of day again… but somewhere inside I feel that would be a disservice to my deceased sister.

I am hoping to have it finished by the anniversary of her death. I feel she needs it to be released and read.

What would you do? What should I do? I don’t keep my childhood secret to anyone who asks, but to shove out there for millions to read is that cruel? Will that be betraying my family? Should I even worry that I am betraying people who hurt us?

“For my sister! For our childhood!” I should cry as I submit the book for publishing.

Should I?

Maybe my muse isn’t completely out of the coma yet…

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