What the Media is doing Wrong

So, today I had to sit down and decide on a few things. I need a plan of action. I have come to the conclusion that my goal for 2017 will be to write something everyday. ANYTHING! Just skip any posts if you feel they are controversial, but I feel the need to just write now. 
Today’s post is from a writing prompt I received. As part of a writing group, we get these prompts every so often. 

What does the media get wrong?

Well, currently the media is a huge topic all over. We have “fake news” to “How is this real?” news. I used to wonder what Kardashian’s butt size had to do with my daily life. Now I wonder if I will find out any actual information about what is true in the world. You never know anymore.

I found that I have a hard time chosing between news sites. I cannot just pick up a newspaper anymore from the stands at the gas station. Some will have “news” and some will just be drivel. Yet, I cannot figure out which is which right now, either. 

Maybe aliens did land in the deserts of the Sahara last week during a raid on an Al Quida town? Who knows now!? 

Then I have to think about what is probably most important to my family at this moment. Again, I come across the same issues. I would like to know if the government passed that new law that could affect the education of my children. Three news sources say they are still working on it. Another five say it is done for. Two say they passed it last week. So, which news is “true”? 

Facebook is also covered in the same dilemma. If I didn’t use Facebook so often to keep in touch with fans of my books, I could possibly shut it down for good. I did take the actual app off of my phone. I only use the web browser now and the app for my page. 

With the current president-elect, I found myself glued to my Twitter more everyday. (You do know I have one of those, right? @France_Gamble .) The same issue is happening there. I follow people who are very passionate on their political stances. Which is great. Everyone should have a stance on things. I do as well, but I am less vocal about them. (Who really wants to know what a no-name author like myself thinks about politics?)

I am following everyone who complains, who shouts in joy, and stands up for what they believe in. The problem is that I don’t always agree with the right or the left. I also find myself hiding more often and just smiling in politeness at the ranting about situations. 

So, back to the news: I find that currently the problem with the news is that we cannot find a non-biased news source. You can follow Fox and know you’re following the extreme right. You can follow NPR and know you are following an extreme left. Both can be pushing their extreme views onto their clients. Are they both truthful, though? I don’t know. 

I think we have come to the view that everyone is probably lying about something. Somewhere we have found that the truth is being covered everywhere. (I should probably be prepared for tin-foil hat hate now.) I am not big on conspiracy theories, but if the Brexit vote showed the world anything, it is that politicians and media seem to lie to push their own agendas. 

I am still going to go with: The biggest problem with the media today is that we cannot discern the truth from fiction any longer. This is now a case of “Santa exists, but we have to find him on our own.” Sad and true altogether. 

There is my piece for today. My goal now is to write something everyday. I might not share it everyday, but I will be writing. I also plan to update some of my stories. If I don’t post, then suspect that a book or story was wrote today instead of a blog post. 

Thanks for reading. I’ll say what I wrote (if not a blog post) on my facebook page update everyday! Stick with me! I’m still trying to get into the habit! Bye for now!

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