Happy December!

Things have been chaotic. Ever have the feeling that the stars just are against you? That has been me lately.

Good news is that I got a great start on “Foreseen” and “New Camelot: Warlord”. Bad news is that I did not complete NaNoWriMo again this year. Life hit hard on Wednesday.

I feel I have been neglecting everyone, though. I know I need to put the last of The Storm up, too. I also know that people might want a sneak peak at “Foreseen” or “New Camelot: Warlord”.

So, what is a busy author supposed to do? I will be posting up these things next week, of course!

Next Saturday I will have The Storm completely finished. I will also give a sneak peak into both of the other books. Yay! I am excited!

Hope the year ends on an up note, and we start a great 2017. Happy Holidays everyone!