The Shift

The Shift

Jace believed in dimensions. Really, he couldn’t not. All since the day he saw the world shift.

It was a normal day. Kind of. The sun was shining, but he wasn’t. Deep inside his body he felt cold, empty, and very lonely. The wind was warm, though. It seemed as if the world wanted to caress his entire soul, but he couldn’t let it happen.

He stood in front of the slabs of cement and freshly disturbed dirt beneath him. They had left him. That is how he felt it was in life now. All of them. All of them left him. What did he have any more?

Why was the sun shining so warm against his back when all he wanted was rain? He needed dark moody clouds above him.

They had been killed in a horrible accident, and he wished now he could have been with them. He wanted to be with them.

As he turned around, the world began to swarm in a tornado of color. Noises assaulted him, suddenly, as if he was in a large basin of screaming people. As it all turned, shifted, around him, his body collapsed to the now very hard ground. He had someone in an orange suit in front of him before his eyes closed.


Opening his eyes, he felt like something was very wrong. Very, very wrong. He was in a medical place, but the windows had bars on them.

He thought losing his entire family was tough, but as the minutes ticked by in that bed, he found that being transported into a new dimension was even harder. He was in prison. His crime? Killing the person who had killed his family. Only, his family wasn’t dead in this dimension.

His family was still alive, and he killed the guy who had caused the accident. Now he was in prison for ten years. As the warden asked the doctor about his loss of memory, because that is what they were calling all of his questions, he paced around the room. Jace’s hands were cuffed in front of him, but the thought that his family was live made this new nightmare worth it.

He believed in dimensions because he went through a shift. He was fine with staying in this shift. Even if he was now a murderer. He had his family back.

France Gamble 2022

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