The Storm Chapter Seven

Disclaimer: I don’t own BBC Merlin nor do I own Disney’s Frozen.

Chapter Seven

He ran with all of his might out of the double doors and through the castle. He could feel tears of panic come to his eyes as he stumbled down the front steps. He didn’t stop, even when the guards at the gate went to halt his progress out of Camelot. With a flash of his eyes they were thrown back to the ground away from him and he felt guilt run through his chest as they staggered back to their feet. He felt sorry, for the first time in a long while, that he ever was born with the magic. He left the path and ran into the forest as the rain pelted against his new clothes. A streak of lightning flashed across above him and he tripped on a root. Now covered in mud he let the tears release down his cheeks.

He needed to get up, he knew, because Arthur would be sending out the knights to capture him. He wouldn’t be able to live very long if he didn’t move now. He felt frustration build inside of him as he thought about Arthur hunting him down to execute him. His own friend was now king and his own friend would now have to kill him. He had all of this power built up inside and yet he was an outlaw. He didn’t ask for this. He never asked for this.

He screamed out and up at the blackened clouds. A lightning bolt came down and struck a nearby tree catching it ablaze. The rain came down into such a sheet that it immediately smothered the fire and covered everything into a haze. Now completely spent of energy he stood up and stumbled his way toward freedom hidden by the torrential downpour.

He didn’t stop even when the rain became just a steady companion instead of the sheets it had been earlier. He continued on deep into the night and felt nothing inside of him. His magic wrapped around him and warmed him without a thought as he felt despair grip his heart. He was so lost in his own melancholy ways that he didn’t realize he was at the edge of the cliff until the soft ground gave out from underneath him. His eyes flashed and a vine wrapped quickly around his wrist. He panted and looked up at the savior root as the rest of the side of mud gave way. Looking down passed his boots he saw the raging river below. It would have killed him to fall from that height and into the white capped waters. His blue eyes looked back up again and flashed again to gold. The root started to pull him back to the surface and he scrambled his nails into the side of the dirt to try and help it along. Without untying the vine he scrambled over the bank and back onto stable ground.

He couldn’t travel any further during the dark. The clouds, rain and everything that had helped his escape was now hindering him.

The rain didn’t stop, but he did continue to travel. He didn’t know where he was going. Gaius had never given him maps to study and he had been so young when he was imprisoned, but he knew he was just getting away from the citadel. With every step he took he continued to think Arthur was right behind him. Any moment that he stumbled he would hear the sound of the hooves from the horses, but when he listened very carefully he realized it was just the patter of the rain against leaves. He had found edible plants along the way and at one moment had caught a rabbit, but the fearful eyes of the creature had him setting it free. He couldn’t bring himself, no matter how hungry, to execute another living animal. It was different when the kitchens had brought meat up and he had eaten it since he hadn’t had to see the thing alive before.

A mist had settled around the area he was in and he found himself staring at three large trees smashed almost together. They blocked his path but he didn’t go around them. His black hair was matted down with mud, sticks, and rain. His clothes clung to him like a second skin. He felt trembles flow down his body as his magic rushed and waned beneath his skin to keep him warm. He needed to have a shelter and he figured he was finally far enough away to live in peace.

Stumbling up to touch the rough bark of one of the trees he smiled and looked up. He could feel the energy in the plant and could feel his magic respond in kind to the living thing. His eyes flashed for a second and he felt welcomed. Keeping his hand on the bark, he shut his eyes to feel the root systems underneath the trees intertwining and to feel the leaves above him gathering what sun they could through the haze of the clouds. It asked for more energy from him and he willingly allowed his magic to flow into the tree and through to the other two as well. With a powerful burst of energy he moved, created and allow a hallow to form from the roots of the trees. With his energy given they moved through to his will. He opened his eyes and stepped back against the soggy ground to see the hallow he had created from the trees. It would be his home. He knelt down and pushed more energy into the surrounding area to create bushes, trees and plants he would need to survive and give them the energy they would have usually received from the sun. He created through the mud channels to wash down the constant rain and not drown his new home.

He walked into the opening of his home and thought he would need a door of some form. Seeing a vining type plant covering the main tree of his alcove her pushed energy in to make it into a drape over the door. It blossomed out with beautiful purple and white flowers with the new energy and created color in the brown and green forest. He walked through the vines, they split for him to leave the shelter, and gathered broken sticks, twigs and dead branches. Taking them into his home he created a fire next to a small opening he had left as a chimney. Taking off his outer clothes he huddled near the warmth of the blaze to dry his under garments on his body. The area warmed quickly and a small smile came to his face.

He was finally free to do what he wanted. He could create, use and love his magic without worry of being seen. He knew that Gaius had wanted to protect him, but he also knew that deep down he could never be able to live without his magic. As long as he didn’t stray from his sanctuary he would be able to live in peace. Instead of crying about his friend back in the castle he rejoiced inside at finally being himself.

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