The Storm Chapter Eleven

Disclaimer: I do not own BBC Merlin or Disney’s Frozen.

Chapter Eleven

The small alcove inside of the three trees that held the young sorcerer was warm as his fire burned happily in the center. He impaled five large mushrooms onto a long stick and held them over the licking flames. Behind him in the dim light of the cave like area he had created shelves using vine made twine and long sticks. Using his magic he had forced branches to come out of the trees and turn into holding sticks. He really didn’t want to embed anything into the living trees around him. The wild life around him had been kind enough to let him move in and so far peaceful. He did not want to be cruel to it just because he could master it.

The wind outside picked up and blew against his vine hanging door. The storm, which he had forced away from his small clearing, was starting to come in again. He decided he would let it for a little bit water the area. A crack of thunder sounded high above him, and he questioned his sanity living inside of the trees. Allowing his magic to encompass his body and flow through his veins, he pushed the static away from his home. It would be stupid to allow the lightning to cook him, really, when he had the power to at least push it away from where he was.

He took the mushrooms, his dinner, off of the stick and let them lay on a flat stone to cool. Standing up, he went outside to gather some water into a bucket he had created from clay he had found on the banks of a nearby river. As he left his little doorway and stood straight he came to stare at three deer just feet in front of him. Their black eyes looked at him as they waited for possible danger. Two does and the fawn were posed to retreat back into the stormy forest as the rain started to finally come into the clearing around them.

Merlin smiled to himself and just watched the deer as they became comfortable again and ate the green lush grass he had pushed from the ground just the other day where there had been nothing. All was right in his world now, even if he missed Arthur coming to tell him stories from the other side of the door in the castle. Here Arthur could not kill him for what he could not control. Here he was one with the animals and the magic inside.


The king sat on his horse while his blond haired knight he had chosen mounted beside him. He looked up at the staff, his nobles, Morgana and his uncle. “Morgana I want you to help uncle while I’m gone,” he called to his adopted sister.

She nodded, “You just make sure you return safe, Arthur. We’ll handle everything here.”

They bowed to him as the knight and king took off into the now misting rain. They rushed through the gates and passed the lines of migrants coming into Camelot. The people were fleeing to higher ground or straight for their capitals all around Albion. The castles had been built high on top of hills for protections and currently it was the only way to save everyone from the mass flooding. The king ignored the cries from the hungry children and the signs of the dead along the road.

He needed to find Merlin and make him stop this horrible storm before it killed everyone.

“How are we going to find him, sire?” the knight asked as they slowed their gait to a walk. The rain started to pick up again and Arthur wished they didn’t have to be out in it.

“We will first go to where he is from and then follow up the boarder. There have been reports of areas where the storm hasn’t touched, but no one can actually get into the area,” Arthur said. “It’s alright, Leon. We’ll find him and I’m sure he’ll stop this when he learns how much it is harming people.”

“But he’s a sorcererā€¦” Leon started as he followed slightly behind the king’s horse.

“He’s also my friend and what I can remember from our childhood,” he thought bitterly to add to himself that he really should have more memories and somewhere they had been blocked, “he isn’t bad. This has to be some horrible mistake and I’m sure he’ll fix it once he realizes what he has done.” They continued on in silence. The monarch kept trying to think of what had happened before his mother’s death. He couldn’t remember a single instance in his entire childhood about magic, and yet he knew that Uther hadn’t attacked magic until after his mother’s death.

Had he known about Merlin’s magic as a child? He could remember playing with the other boy, but parts were fuzzy. He knew that as people aged their childhoods disappeared or only significant memories stood out. Yet, he also knew that somewhere along the line he had to have been exposed to magic. Not a single memory of his father’s court sorcerer or his best friend preforming magic.

His memories did include the purge. They included his mother’s funeral and a few vague memories of his mother alive. He remembered all magic after his mother’s death in snips and pieces before the users were sentenced to death.

Deciding that thinking about sorcery was useless at the current time he focused his thoughts on his friend. His memories were again haphazard at best, but he remembered playing in the castle on cool days. Merlin would laugh as they ran through the corridors and he was always a clumsy sort as well. He remembered scaring him from a hiding place at one time during a particular game of hide and seek; he remembered butterflies of beautiful colors surrounding them on a wonderful summer day.

As the wind picked up and turned each drop into pins he focused on the memory of the warm day with a smiling best friend before he had been locked away. He needed to find that friend again. He wanted to see those days again and he wanted to have a smiling best friend again.


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